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Jul 26, 2012 05:08 PM

A New Yorker's first visit to vancouver. Chinese - restaurants, dishes, other suggestions

Four new yorkers are heading to Vancouver for 3 days before boarding an Alaska-bound cruise. We love Chinese food and are very adventurous eaters. I heard that Vancouver has one of the best Chinatown areas ever - even questionably superior to those in NYC. Can anyone suggest some places for us to eat (4 adults) for breakfast, lunch dinner? We love Chinese food but are open to all cuisines. Please also suggest specific dishes! Vancouver, let's see what you've got! Thanks in advance.

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    1. Head south to Richmond BC. Lots of great eateries there. I had an amazing Chinese meal for 2 for $25 (back in the day) at the Radisson Hotel restaurant.

      1. The area that is called Chinatown near downtown Vancouver does not have, by and large, restaurants of note. Most people head out to Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, for their Chinese eats, although there are a few worthy spots in Vancouver proper. You either need to rent a car or take the Skytrain (Canada Line) on public transit to get there.

        No clue how it will compare to New York City but there are some tasty things to be had. My latest dimsum happiness is Dynasty which is in Vancouver proper, at Broadway and Willow to be exact. Check out recent Chowdown report here:

        For lunch, I'd hit up some of the Asian food courts in Richmond. Here's a link to a recent crawl to give you a few ideas:

        We recently had two very nice Cantonese meals, one at Big Chef (a bit higher end but not OTT), report here: and at Excelsior, which I haven't reported on yet, great everyday Canto comfort food.

        But there are literally hundreds of places so if you can give us some more specifics we can give you better choices. For example, do you want Cantonese? Shanghainese? Hot pot? Sichuan or Hunan?

        1. I'm not aware of other Asian night markets running in any other North American cities (if I'm wrong I'd love to know where), so this may be fun for you guys:

          Note the post by TheCulinaryCircus differentiating between the "old" night market and the "new" night market (there are two running simultaneously in Richmond; plus a third in Chinatown in Vancouver that's not worth your time


          Here's a recent paper article:

          And a local blogger review of the "new" night market:

          1. Not much to add to all the detailed responses already posted. Maybe just this: if you hotel's concierge recommends a place in Chinatown, ignore them and go to Richmond instead.