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London Olympics Opening Ceremonies snacks and drinks?

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Because I am a huge fan of the over-the-top spectacle of the Olympics Opening Ceremonies, I've gathered a few friends together for a viewing party tomorrow night. I'm thinking about an English theme, but so far haven't thought of anything more creative than Gin and Tonics and cucumber sandwiches. A major decision making factor is that I'm working tomorrow and will have about an hour to pull something together -- any thoughts on quick and easy snacks that have something (even remotely) to do with London?

If I had gotten my act together early enough I would have done a Parade of Nations menu -- a small bite from each country as they march out onto the field..... Served in alphabetical order..... "And now from Andorra!" It would have been brilliant, but insane. But maybe in four years......

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  1. I was going to suggest mini Cornish Pasties, if you could do it tonight and bake tomorrow. You have the start on Tea, so in addition to cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, potted shrimp sandwiches, smoked salmone and cream cheese sandwiches and cones with clotted cream.

    1. just an idea... Sheppards pie balls? mix mashed taters corn, and a little cheese. put a dollop in seasond great meat, and for a meatball that encases the mashed potatoes. brown in a skillet and bake till done. maybe dip in some type of horseradishy sauce? i dont know haha.

      1. Sausage rolls, buy pre made puff and good quality sausages. An assortment of tea sandwiches, as plain or fancy as you have time for. Individual trifles for dessert, can be assembled from store bought ingredients given the time crunch.
        I will be watching with a Strongbow in hand, and now because of this post some sausage rolls.
        Enjoy the spectacle!

        1. It's late in the planning process but we're having a viewing party as well...here's our menu(London was a much tougher theme than Beijing!):

          Pimm's Cups

          Asst of English Cheese
          Smoked Salmon
          "fish n chips" (goldfish and potato chips!)

          Assorted cornish pasty
          English baked beans
          Tomato and Cucumber salad

          Berries and Devon Cream
          Orange Creamsicle Cake with "Let the Games Begin" and the rings on it(we have a bday in the crowd tonight and this is a favorite cake flavor of the bday girl)

          Hope your party works out great!

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            Hope you're enjoying our opening event.

            You have a great English menu there. Maybe later, you'll have another party where you can also have foods from the other parts of the UK - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have great tasting and distinctive foods.

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              I would have loved a greater variety, but living in the middle of the Arizona desert I was happy to be able to come up with what I did!

              1. re: ziggylu

                "In the Arizona desert stands a giant of earth and stone, mighty superstision mountains, with it's mystery and it's gold"
                Walter Brennon

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              I am stealing that "fish and chips" idea!!!!

              1. That show was so fine I didn't think about food once!

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                  It was totally brilliant. Made the nation proud - and believe me that's hard to do as we're all cynics.

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                    Erm, I'll just chime in with the cynical bit. Thought it was well done but something of an over emphasis on our past and not enough about our present.

                    By way of this thread, with it happening so late in the evening, we didnt have any snacks (and went to bed as soon as the eternally dreary McCartney came on). I assume that the timing of it was intended to suit countries in time zones other than our own.

                    1. re: Harters

                      Greenwich Mean Time is exactly that - mean...Even with the time delay in E.S.T., I pooped out before Sir Paul's lullaby or whatever he did. I enjoyed the "past" part with salmon and brussels sprouts.

                      1. re: Veggo

                        I think that's because it wasn't broadcast live in the States. It should have finished for you at the relatively civilised time of 8pm.

                          1. re: greedygirl

                            tape delay here, ended on the West Coast at midnight

                            1. re: Cynsa

                              Sadly, too late for me. Also on the W. Coast, and when, after nearly 1/2 hr of the athelete's entrances, they were only up to the B's, I went to bed. Sorry to have missed McCartney and the lighting of the torch. Nice story lines (except for that baby's head!), but a little long, especially with the music/kids' story. Munched on fish and chips as a late dinner!

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                                Same here - I went to bed after Barbados, too many to go! My brother and SIL in Burlington, VT got lucky - They have a Canadian cable channel and saw it live. They said the BBC announcer ripped the American team a new one for the chinese uniforms and french berets.

                            2. re: greedygirl

                              Eastern time zone here... the show began at 7:30 with regional intro then ran from 8:00pm to midnight. Loved the Past, most of the Recent and thought the lighting of the caldron was Brilliant... Oh and the "doves". McCartney should have chosen another song. We made a uniquely un-British frittata and enjoyed the ceremonies to the bitter end. That Queen is certainly gutsy. But she looked extremely tired I thought..

                              1. re: Gio

                                I agree, Gio. Liz Windsor did look tired. But then she is getting on in years (and it was probably well past her bedtime).

                                But fair play to her in doing the gig with James Bond.

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                                  Here it was 9-1. I saw some of it at work, went home during the boring bit (parade), then stayed up for the finale. No snacks, British or otherwise. Loved most of it, but the industrial revolution bit, the Queen as Bond girl (it can't be her - it is!), the dancing nurses, the bicycle doves and the cauldron were the best bits.

                                  Go Team GB!

                            3. re: Harters

                              Boyle didn't want it to start until it was properly dark - that's why it was so late.

                              1. re: greedygirl

                                Certainly great showmanship - not bad for a lad from Radcliffe :-)

                        1. Not to annoy the cynics, but next morning I'm still agog and gushing over it...!

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                          1. re: blue room

                            Me too blue room. Was a bit meh about the Olympics in my home town. No more!