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Jul 26, 2012 04:49 PM

What should we bring to eat at Ravinia?

Going this weekend and looking for tasty and fun ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Convito in Wilmette puts together some niced boxed meals that work well.

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      Thanks. We wanted to bring our own stuff--everyone else's always looks so good! Looking for some new ideas.

    2. I like to do lots of salads, fruit (grapes and cherries are easiest) cheese, bread, maybe some pate. Sometimes chicken or shrimp. Olives. Anything that won't squish and can stand to be unrefrigerated for a while (or at least in a bag with an ice bag). Finger food like cookies or brownies are good.

      And of course wine. We usually also throw in a bottle or a couple of cans of sparkling water (anything from San Pellegrino to LaCroix).

      We've also stopped for sushi on the way. That was fun.

      Hope this helps.