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Jul 26, 2012 04:18 PM

Recommendations in Salt Lake City? Dinners? Breakfast?

My son is starting college at Westminster in the Sugarhouse area but we are staying downtown........any suggestions? the last time this was asked seems to have been 2007 so I thought I'd ask for an update. We'll be there in mid-August........
We're omnivores, so interesting trumps fancy in our opinion. Good local chefs always count as interesting.........
And, recommendations for a place to have a drink downtown once he is safely in his dorm?
Thanks so much, in advance

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  1. Lots of great, local-oriented places around downtown: Tin Angel, Pago, Copper Onion, Finca and Plum Alley are all way 'hound-worthy.

    The Red Door is a groovy place with a huge martini offering.

    One of my favorite spots for breakfast is Left Fork Grill at 3900 South near Main. Park Cafe is closer to downtown and is also quite good. And Eggs In The City is worth a visit as well.

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      Thank you! Any wishing worth eating? That is my sons request.......

        1. re: khyugpa

          Oh! Any sushi worth eating was my question...........that is my son's request.......sorry the trouble with mobile devices............

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            Takashi is the place for sushi. Not cheap, but worth it.

      1. You might like Mazza located between Westminster and downtown at the corner of 900 south and 900 east. The best Mexican without doubt is found at the Red Iguana. They have the best Moles and more familiar dishes to select from at north temple and 900 west.

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          Pago! We ate there tonight it was one of the best meals we've ever had....thank you so much for the recomendatoon. Not only great food....the market fruit and vegetable starter was amazing....but when ar asked about a place for breakfast they not only gave us a suggestion but also called to make sure there wasn't a private function as a courtesy.....
          don't miss the tomato and melon gazpavho either....