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Help Buying a Milkshake Machine.

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Hello, I am looking to buy a milkshake machine! I'm considering either Waring or Hamilton Beach. I'm not looking for a machine with more than one mixer and not looking to spend over 200 U.S.D., but I would like a good machine that could make a good frothy milkshake if I wanted one or a thick one too; any suggestions?

- Thanks

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  1. Check Craigslist under restaurant equipment. May be able to score a heavy duty unit for a song.

    1. A milkshake machine, or drink mixer as they're usually called, is just a specialized blender, isn't it? If you have a blender, you may be able to get a milkshake blade for it:


      Or maybe you don't even need the special blade. Do you have a blender, and have you used it to make milkshakes?

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        Thanks, I don't have an Oster though and I think I would prefer an actual drink mixer/milkshake machine.

        I think that it could be considered a type of blender although I would consider that a milkshake machine/drink mixer more of a relative to the blender although I do think that that blenders, milkshake machines, and juicers would all fall under a sort of food processor category, as they all process some sort of food/liquid.

        I do have a blender, and I have made milkshakes with it, but I think that a milkshake machine would make a better milkshake; there are other reasons why I would like to have one too i.e. it has an aesthetic appeal and its more quiet than a blender.

        I don't know much about the machines nor blenders, but there's a difference in the blades/spinning apparatus with a blender vs. a milkshake machine. Blenders and drink mixers also work at different speeds and blend in different ways too.

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          No, a milkshake machine has a long stick up around which you lift the cup and set it on a rest. The stick has a small agitator on it which spins. It's really not much like a blender, which relies on gravity to get the ingredients down into the blade. It's more like a stick or immersion blender.

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            What you describe is more along the lines of what I was thinking of. I have seen them going very cheap on craigslist & also on RCI restaurant equip Auction site.

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              Okay, to hopefully clarify, I am looking for the stick-agitator sort of thing.

              1. re: CHOWEZ

                This one seems to get high ratings and be pretty close to your price range.


                I think there is likely to be a pretty big difference in performance and reliability between this type and a home model.