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Jul 26, 2012 04:05 PM

Help Buying a Milkshake Machine.

Hello, I am looking to buy a milkshake machine! I'm considering either Waring or Hamilton Beach. I'm not looking for a machine with more than one mixer and not looking to spend over 200 U.S.D., but I would like a good machine that could make a good frothy milkshake if I wanted one or a thick one too; any suggestions?

- Thanks

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  1. Check Craigslist under restaurant equipment. May be able to score a heavy duty unit for a song.

    1. A milkshake machine, or drink mixer as they're usually called, is just a specialized blender, isn't it? If you have a blender, you may be able to get a milkshake blade for it:

      Or maybe you don't even need the special blade. Do you have a blender, and have you used it to make milkshakes?

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      1. re: John Francis

        Thanks, I don't have an Oster though and I think I would prefer an actual drink mixer/milkshake machine.

        I think that it could be considered a type of blender although I would consider that a milkshake machine/drink mixer more of a relative to the blender although I do think that that blenders, milkshake machines, and juicers would all fall under a sort of food processor category, as they all process some sort of food/liquid.

        I do have a blender, and I have made milkshakes with it, but I think that a milkshake machine would make a better milkshake; there are other reasons why I would like to have one too i.e. it has an aesthetic appeal and its more quiet than a blender.

        I don't know much about the machines nor blenders, but there's a difference in the blades/spinning apparatus with a blender vs. a milkshake machine. Blenders and drink mixers also work at different speeds and blend in different ways too.

        1. re: John Francis

          No, a milkshake machine has a long stick up around which you lift the cup and set it on a rest. The stick has a small agitator on it which spins. It's really not much like a blender, which relies on gravity to get the ingredients down into the blade. It's more like a stick or immersion blender.

          1. re: acgold7

            What you describe is more along the lines of what I was thinking of. I have seen them going very cheap on craigslist & also on RCI restaurant equip Auction site.

            1. re: Tom34

              Okay, to hopefully clarify, I am looking for the stick-agitator sort of thing.

              1. re: CHOWEZ

                This one seems to get high ratings and be pretty close to your price range.


                I think there is likely to be a pretty big difference in performance and reliability between this type and a home model.

          2. re: John Francis

            I have an Oster bar blender that came with this specialty blade, and it works well for shakes.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. Ebay has them. Usually found in green or white or chrome. Oster has that vintage look too. I don't know who makes the best- I would do a search for the 3 major brands, and then use a search for vintage,

              Is the problem is that there are so many to chose from. Here's a Waring from Amazon