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Jul 26, 2012 04:00 PM

Saturday Night Buyout or Room/Semi-private space for Wedding After-Party?

In the tradition of many asian style weddings, we will keep the reception somewhat short so that the parents go home and the kids go out to party!

I'm looking to find a venue where people can eat, drink, dance from 11 pm - 2 am. Prefer that it not be ridiculously expensive as we are footing the bill. Doesn't have to be fancy. For up to 200 people.

We would love it to be centrally located as our hotel block will be near union square and we are providing shuttles from/to the venue/hotel.

Any suggestions? It could even be a hole in the wall that doesn't get a lot of business and would be willing to rent out their space. I love hole in the walls!

Looking forward to hearing from the Chowhound community! =)

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  1. Some places where I've enjoyed private parties:
    - Burritt Room: Union Square, back room might suit you, great cocktails with punch bowls for groups, food, not sure about dancing
    - Project One Gallery: SOMA/Potrero area, drink and dancing for sure, food may need to be catered
    - 111 Minna: SOMA but closer to FiDi, wine/beer bar, dancing possible, food may need to be catered
    - Swedish American Hall: Market St, upstairs hall is especially wonderful, bar, kitchen (but may need to cater), dancing

    In the less well-known cat:
    Triptypch: SOMA, owner is a former neighbor who has great taste in music, food and drink of course, not sure about dancing

    Good luck! Sat night is tough to book for all of the obvious reasons.

    1. This isnt really near that area; but the new house of crawfish turns into a night club at 10pm. Im sure they would rent it out. they serve food, debatable if its good or not, full bar, DJ, etc.

      Superclub might be a fun option. Im thinking out of the box

      1. How far out are you planning? There's a number of places downtown and in SOMA that could fit the bill, as long as you're not talking a month or two away. Longer than that, and they're not as likely to be booked by promoters or for in-house promoted events.

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        1. re: Eugene Park

          It's for November 3, 2012, so a few months out! Ideally we'd like food, drinks a DJ and dancing. =) Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated! =)

          1. re: kwakers012

            Not sure exactly where in Union Square you're staying. Vessel as well as Jones are reasonable walking distance from most hotels in the US area. They definitely aren't hole in the walls, but I'm sure the guests would be impressed. Jones would have better food, and their outdoor terrace is awesome. But SF weather being what it is, nighttime temps in early November could be crazy warm or (more likely) chilly.

            If those two are budget busters, check back and I'll throw some more suggestions out.

            1. re: Eugene Park

              Hey Eugene,

              Thanks so much for the quick reply! I've lived in SF for 7 years but am now old and don't go out as much as I used to, haha. Thus, I need all the help I can get.

              We're getting married at the Legion of Honor so hopefully, the guests will be sufficiently impressed by that. I was thinking more on the level of Playground in Japantown, esp cuz I'm korean. Vessel and 620 Jones could be ok but I have no idea what the budget for those places would be.

              I don't want it to be too stuffy or pretentious. The one word I keep using for the wedding and everything else is "not fussy". I want it to be a place that people can come in flip flops/tank tops and still party their booties off and have fun!! =D

              1. re: kwakers012

                Dang, now you're really making things difficult with all the additional detail. Union Square is going to be tough to find a casual place with food and DJ dancing. Maybe Swig, or Ambassador? You might have to resort to just searching that Y site for bars/lounges/clubs in the Union Square/Tenderloin/SOMA area and doing some recon.