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Jul 26, 2012 03:30 PM

Redondo seafood restaurant

Is Tonys on the Redondo Beach Pier still good.? It used to be a family favorite and I haven' been in a while. Does any one have a good recommendation for seafood in Redondo or Hermosa or Manhattan Beach.?

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  1. My favorite is Quality Seafood near Tonys, QS is bare bones, outside tables, but the freshest seafood at the best prices. Tony's is meh.

      1. MB Post in Manhattan Beach is not really a seafood restaurant but the chef originally from Water Grill in downtown LA has some of the best seafood dishes in the South Bay on his menu including:
        WHITE OAK GRILLED SWORD SQUID marinated gigande beans, lemon curd
        SLOW STEAMED CALIFORNIA WHITE SEA BASS bok choy, sudachi, lotus root, kaffir lime
        SOFT SHELL BLUE CRAB singapore chili sauce, apple-coriander puree
        DIVER SCALLOPS shrimp-ginger dumplings, katsuo dashi broth
        HAWAIIAN WALU squash vinaigrette, basil, kalamata olives.
        RED CURRY MARINATED BIG EYE TUNA TARTAR coconut, cucumber, peanuts, puffed rice.
        Wonderful food and great service too.

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          although i've only had seafood there once, must say that it was SO amazingly well-prepared that i practically levitated as i ate it.

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          1. Tony's is probably exactly as you remember it. The decor, view, vibe are awesome--it's my favorite place for a drink and appetizer in the Southbay, but I think it's been the same forever. Dinner is still very old school and somewhat hit and miss--love the fried cheese appetizer, scallops, and fried oysters. Some other meals (stuffed shrimp) more of a miss. But if yu stick to the simple stuff and enjoy the view and have a drink upstairs it's a nice nice out.

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              thank you so much everyone. I grew up in Torrance and the family spent a lot of time at the pier. Now I live in HB but we don't have any nostalgic places like Tonys. I guess I will enjoy taking my mother there and probably try the sea bass or grilled scallops. Is the calamari light breaded?