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Spinach and feta bread/pizza thingy

I may be revealing, if not my age, my perversions--or, at least, my obsessions:

I can remember buying at Star Market, by the deli case, a yummy spinach and feta bedecked flatbread thingy. Maybe "flatbread" is the wrong term; it was kind of like a pita bread in consistency, but without a pocket.

Does anybody remember these, or know where I can get them? Mr. Google has failed me, alas.

I'm not (yet) on Death Row, but my craving is intense enough that I'm ready to choose my last meal.

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  1. If I am not mistaken, you are referring to the Spinach/Feta Pitas made by Near East Bakery. http://www.neareastbakery.com/pita.html

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      I used to buy the Near East Spinach / Feta Pitas at Roche Bros years ago - does anyone know where else (besides Near East) thy can be found? I'd pop them in the oven for about 5 minutes - YUM!!!!

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        Great call. I used to love those growing up. They must have had them at Shaw's as well, 'cause that was all we had locally.

        Isn't it the same flavor profile as greek spanikopita (phyllo instead of pita, obviously)? Farm Grill for a good version?

      2. This may keep you off Death Row!

        If it was like what you see in the link, you should be able to find them at most Syrian or Lebanese bakeries.


        George's Bakery and Korbani's Bakery both in Methuen make them everyday. or every other day.

        Eastern Lamejun in Watertown has a version too if that's closer for you.

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          YES, get the spinach and cheese pies from Eastern Lamejun Bakers, it's not precisely the same thing you are looking for but I guarantee you it's better.

        2. Try Seva on Mt. Auburn in Watertown near the Cambridge line.

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            Yeah Sevan, they do a delicious pre-cooked pizza bready oily thing with various toppings. Not pita-like but it's damn tasty

          2. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I use to love those. Nice and salty from the feta goodness. I thought the consistency (not the shape) was closer to a focaccia or pizza than it was a pita. I haven't seen them around in at least a couple of years. Please do let us know if you find them anywhere.

            1. Cheddar's at Fresh Pond will bake you a spinach-topped pita; it's made to order and takes a while. Not quite the same. I'd forgotten those Near East things, used to have them in the freezer.

              1. Any middle eastern bakery and most markets will have them. Watertown, Worcester, Metuen, West Roxbury, Norwood.

                1. I love those too, used to be easy to get someplace I regularly shopped but I haven't seen them in years. But funny timing, not long after I saw this thread I saw the George's bakery ones at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods. Eating some right now!

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                      I had some this past Saturday from George's. I like eating them with Tourshi, which are middle eastern pickled vegetables.
                      I had some lobster body meat and sprinkled it on the top after heating it up in the oven. It turned out to be a wicked good combination.

                    2. Wow, I used to practically live on those when I was right out of college. Thanks for the memory. I instantly started salivating when I read your description.

                      1. bandp, hopefully the other posts have got you to the exact thing you are seeking. I just wanted to throw in an aside- you might also really enjoy the spinach and cheese bourek (turnovers) at Eastern Lamejun Bakers. They have been a staple in my house for 30 yrs! Very sophisticated blend of cheeses etc.well balanced w/ spinach etc.

                        1. OMG, I lived on those pitas all the time! They were my go-to for a quick lunch or light dinner. I remember when they disappeared from the shelf of the only store near me that carried it. They couldn't tell me why they stopped carrying it, so I figured maybe the bakery went out of business?

                          Since this thread started I've been hunting around for them. Unfortunately there isn't a Middle Eastern enclave near me, so I'm hoping one of the grocery chains will start carrying it again!