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Jul 26, 2012 02:23 PM

Exit 117 off the GSP suggestions please

Need dinner ideas for within a half hour or so drive of exit 117 off GSP. Not Indian, or Japense anything else would be great. Much thanks!

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    This place isn't far from 117 and is on the main street of Keyport which is Front Street . Might be five miles or so . Good menu and some Irish dishes - Shepherd's pie , Bangers and mash , fish and chips which is my favorite . Good beers too !

    1. Drew's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport. Cajun / Creole that just received a special mention in the NJ Monthly Restaurant poll.

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        I completely agree with equal_Mark. There is nothing better than Drew's.

      2. As mentioned...Drew's is GREAT!

        Also...Belford a few miles down on Rt. 36 and make a rightonto Main Street

        Great BYO as well!!


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          Much thanks! We have been to Drew's. Everyone loved it. Belford Bistro and Mcdonaghs both have been added to my to do list! I appreciate the great ideas. This exit is a popular one for my family! All suggestions welcome and much appreciated!

        2. The other place in Keyport that you might want to add to the list is Nemo. Here's the thread on it: They serve sushi, but I don't think I'd call it Japanese. Frankly, given it's fans around here, I'm surprised no one mentioned it yet.

          1. I am NOT suggesting this as a true dining destination but since it is so close Park East is a great spot for a prior to or after diner drink. They have excellent sushi (not sure if that was included in your no Japanese) and decent bar food, apps, burgers etc. The back bar lounge is a good place to have a few cocktails and some decent bar food but excellent Sushi.

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              Thanks again! Nemo we have been to many times and like a lot. The Japenese is me, I won't eat Sushi, but my kids do love it. So it is a great solution for us. Just been there too often, and since this location is equidistant I need lots of suggestions! Keep them coming please!!

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                Costa Verde is a decent spot. Their bar area is much cheaper and they have tables on the outskirts.

                Paella is good, Mariscada, twin lobsters for 23 bucks, garlic shrimp app ,, pretty quick and decent food.

                1. re: corvette johnny

                  I love Costa Verde and have for years.....I personally like their Paella Valencia and find it to be consistantly good. The only thing I would "caution" is if your a family sometimes the bar crowd can be a little rough. They have an ample dining room and if in the mood for this type of fare this is the best in the immediate area.

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                    yeah the bar area can get a little loud but normally during dining hours up until 8/9 its pretty civil.

                    Trust me, this isn't like a scene out of roadhouse LOL

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                      Maybe they can try the re-done LaMarina/Fernandes Steak House & let us know how it is.

                      One suggestion if they go to Costa Verde & are on the Parkway South, rather than going all the way down to Exit 117 & backtracking & making U-turns, take the Parkway to where it splits with 9/35 & take 35 right down to Costa Verde.

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                    There's also Trinity in Keyport which is in a church. Haven't been in a while, but it was good the few times we were there. Maybe someone on the boards has had a more recent experience to tell you about.

                    1. re: Jerzeegirl

                      Funny since my days at the Limelight in New York........I feel very guilty about entering a church for any other reason than....ummmm attending service. Oh my what went on in those unhallowed walls.