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Jul 26, 2012 02:18 PM

SPIN Modern Thai

Had dinner a week ago and lunch today at this place, and both meals were really very good. For starters at dinner, we found the Tod Mun to be very tasty. We ordered a bunch of the tasting plates, of which the best was the Sous Vide Beef Tongue and the Thai Red Snapper. They also had a Salmon cake special that was delicious.

The portions of the tasting plates are more than sufficient for two to share comfortably, and depending on the appetite and how many starters, 2 or 3 of the tasting plates would be enough for dinner for two people.

For lunch starters, we had curry Pork Belly Bun, which is a slider with sous vide pork belly. Rich, and very tasty. There are two to each order, and 1 is enough for a person for an appetizer, I think. The Basil Eggplant, to which we added chicken, was really excellent. The eggplant was fantastic, and it will be a fine dish without the meat, if you so want. We also had the Pork Garlic Peppercorn and the Panang Curry; both were really good, but the eggplant dish surpassed them.

The dishes in this place are more like what you get at Uchi and Uchiko than at a traditional Thai place. They provide chopsticks, which is, of course, not traditional Thai, but works really well here because of the nature of the dishes. The care that goes into each dish is pretty evident; what was fried was fried just right without dripping excess oil; the octopus in one dish was just soft and perfect.

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  1. I agree their Sous Vide Beef Tongue and the Thai Red Snapper are amazing. This place is definitely putting a SPIN on Thai cuisine.

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      Sounds like an interesting concept.

    2. This place is ridiculously underrated. We've been there a few times and really enjoyed everything we've had. I'll echo the comment that the care that goes into each dish is evident. You really can't go wrong with anything you order there.

      And after you've explored the food menu... do NOT pass up the Ginger Vanilla Lemonade or the Coconut Panna Cotta for dessert. Silly good.

      1. i really like this place, too.
        been a few times now, but just for dinner.
        there were some not wonderful things when they tried some new menu items, but overall i have enjoyed my visits, and the larb is my favorite.

        1. We tried SPIN last night -- very impressed with the food and the service!! You can tell the chefs are from Uchi and Uchiko.

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            what did you try?

            so far i've had:
            the larb (my favorite dish)
            shrimp pad thai wrapped in a thai-style omelette (early days; not sure it's still on the menu).
            sous vide pork belly (it's better now after the initial experimenting).
            pad cha spider (this was great!)

            my next time, i'll probably try the beef tongue, octopus, and tiger cry.
            if i can pry myself away from the larb...

            i was so excited to see the pad thai wrapped in the omelette.
            one of my room mates was thai, and we would often eat one of his omelettes with rice for dinner.
            total comfort food to me.

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              I noticed that prices aren't on the website menu. I work up there, so I could go for lunch. Can anyone tell me the price range?

              1. re: rudeboy

                i haven't done lunch. the dinner menu is separated into what i would call small, medium, and large tastes (but none i've had so far are a standard sized entree). for the first section, it's in the $5 range, next is usually under $10 and the last is slightly over $10.
                the servers usually recommend 2-3 dishes per person, and what i've eaten is in line with that.

                iirc, lunch is around the $10 point. maybe someone else can verify.

                1. re: dinaofdoom

                  I been there for lunch also and it's pretty cheap. Starters are $5-7 and dishes are $8.5-8.85 and it comes with soup of the day.

              2. re: dinaofdoom

                dina: Start with the larb. After all, it is considered a salad! :)

                1. re: hawkeyeui93

                  i loooove the larb. and yeah, it has veggie garnish so it's totally a salad, haha.

                  1. re: dinaofdoom

                    I've seen in on several menus as a salad, which always makes me giggle. We had a neighbor from Laos when I was growing up in Iowa in the early-1980's and he made Larb [with a side of perfectly cooked sticky rice] that I would cut off my right arm to have again.

            2. Made it out to spin tonight to have dinner and ordered the 5 items off the tasting list and split them with my dining companion.

              The first course that came out was a sashimi salmon dish, and it just screamed "uchi/uchiko" and would have been right at home on the menu there. It was fantastic and was my pick for plate of the night. Was a pretty generous plate of food and I think it was like $9

              Next course was a cooked salmon dish. It was a salmon patty breaded in panko and fried with a couple of sauces. This one was a miss for both of us. The sauces were good, but the salmon honestly seemed like something you could get out of your local freezer section on this one. It may have been a bigger disapointment considering the outstanding first course it had to follow, but I will not order this again if I return.

              Third course was the octopus. The plating was gorgeous and I could tell there were some good flavors somewhere in there, but our dish was HOT. I dont mean a little spicy, I mean down a glass of water and a beer and still have tears in your eyes hot. It's quite possible we got a rogue chili or somehting that was hotter than the rest of the batch, because I honestly dont think they would serve anything that hot on purpose. We were unable to finish the dish, and I love hot/spicy foods.

              The fourth and fifth courses came at the same time, Thai red snapper and tiger cry. The snapper was another home run much like the first course and the tiger cry was very good as well, though not quite at the level of the snapper/first course.

              This place was EMPTY. We were one of only three tables there at 7:30 at night.

              The staff was very friendly and I wish these guys well. The food overall was very good and I think it will get better as they go as well, and its pretty inexpensive considering the quality of the food. We ordered everything off the tasting menu and had a few beers for $65.

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              1. re: twyst

                oooo they updated the menu since the last time i went.
                the salmon larb is my favorite; the tangy sauce makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
                the salmon patty sounds pretty blah.
                i did get some heat with the sauces on the fried softshell crab, but nothing that harsh.
                you probably did get a rogue pepper. too bad, i bet the octopus was delish otherwise.