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Jul 26, 2012 02:09 PM

August 2012 San Francisco Dish of the Month: Voting Thread - TIE BREAKER

Here are the top nominations for the August SF Bay Area Dish of the Month:


CHANNA BHATURA (aka chole bhatura)

ELOTE (on the cob)



The voting thread will be open until 9 AM PST on July 31st, and each user can only vote once. To vote, write your favorite in ALL CAPS as a reply to this thread - votes that are non in caps won't be counted. The voting is open to everyone, regardless of whether you participated in the nomination thread.

On July 31st we'll create the main Dish of the Month thread and get started!

Dave MP

Link to the nomination thread:

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          1. At the moment it's a 4-way tie, so I am keeping the voting open until 4 PM PST today. If at that point there's still a tie, I will add in my vote as well! But I'd be very excited by any of these options, and since I'm the vote counter, I'm not jumping in yet....

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            1. re: Dave MP

              CHANNA BATURA. In honor of Indian independence day, August 15.