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Jul 26, 2012 01:48 PM

something interesting near Kessler (W.Orange)?

visiting someone at Kessler Institute on Saturday (W. Orange)...looking for something interesting for dinner later...not too expensive (entrees mostly under $30), no Italian, please. Give me your Houndish thoughts...something basically within 30 minutes of WO, heading towards the NJTpke southbound. Let's hear it!

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  1. There is a McLoones in West Orange not too far from Kessler. It is one of the more beautiful spots in New Jersey, but as with every single other McLoones, the food is awful. Head north on Pleasant Valley way to Verona and hit Avenue Bistro, the chef there won an episode of "Chopped", and he still gets it done. Or head east on Bloomfield Ave, and you'll have you choice of some of the best in the state in Montclair...too many to mention here. From there you can get on the Parkway South which will get you to the turnpike.

    1. If BBQ is your thing, SuzyQues is worth a try. In W.O. very close to the 280 entrance to take you to the TPK or GSP south.

      I know you said no Italian, but you're so close to Star Tavern in Orange for NJ's best thin crust pizza. Had to throw it out there.

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        yeah, thought about the pizza, but I live within walking distance of DeLorenzo's, so I'm kind of spoiled ;-)

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          I hear you! A few Montclair options from a local - (all BYO)

          Next Door - less expensive sibling of Blu
          Costanera - Peruvian - great ceviches
          Fin - raw bar/seafood
          Mesob - Ethiopian
          Epernay - bistro
          Aozora - sushi/japanese

          Another option not far for great Sechuan is Chengdu 23 in Cedar Grove

          For great Thai, Brookside Thai in Bloomfield on Broad St.

          None of above take you terribly out of your way.

          If you just want some decent pub grub/drinks, there's Egan's on Walnut St.

          And if you change your mind about Italian, Osteria Giotto is the best.

      2. Montclair is a few minutes up the road, plenty of options there.


          Ok since you specificaly said "interesting" I suggest Pals Cabin. You can get anything from burgers to steaks and chops which have been served the same way for 80+ years. It's very "rustic" and a throw back but it's a cool place in my book.

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            Love Pal's, though it is rather retro and may not appeal to everyone. Have been a fan of their
            mushroom soup for more than 50 years. They also make a good burger and version of
            a Reuben - think they call it a Redwood. Also enjoy their calves' liver, which you don't see
            on a menu too often.

            Star Tavern does make a terrific pizza and many of the Montclair suggestions are good
            but Pal's is probably the closest.