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Jul 26, 2012 01:45 PM

Foie Gras in Seattle?

We're visiting Seattle in a few weeks, and have only one free night for dinner. Now that foie gras is illegal in California restaurants, we'd love to dine somewhere where we are guaranteed that foie will be on the menu. Any suggestions? Tx!

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    1. Nishino has an amazing foie gras and shitake appetizer that I remember "mmm"ing over.

      1. Quinn's. You can get a really nice seared preparation, or do my favorite - order the off-menu "Ultra Burger" (with foie gras and duck egg) to share. It''s too rich for a single mere mortal to eat the whole thing but a real treat to split with 2, 3, or 4.

        1. You can go to any of the Mccraken and Tough places and find it on the menu; .

          Spur, Coterie Room and Tavern Law each have some kind of Foie on the menu all the time. Check out the menu's and vibe of each place at the website above. Recommended.

          1. I would recommend the Harvest Vine The Basque tapas menu is always exciting and their foie gras has been one of our favorites in town. Have never gone ther without seeing it on the menu though the accompaniments change seasonally.