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Jul 26, 2012 12:52 PM

Breakfast in Baltimore Inner Harbor?

Staying this weekend at the Inner Harbor, need to find a place I can walk to for breakfast. Thanks....Mark

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  1. The stock answer that people will give is Miss Shirley's (I'm not a huge fan, although I haven't been to the downtown location) but if you're talking about Sunday morning you should head to the downtown farmer's market (under the JFX expressway/I-83) since there are a ton of stands that serve up food, much of it damn great (particularly the tacos and the fried fish guy)

    1. Jimmy's or Blue Moon in Fells Point.

      1. How about Spoons in Federal Hill on Cross Street? Or coffee and brioche at Patisserie Poupon (there's literally nothing but coffee and brioche, but still . . . ). Miss Shirley's manages to be too much food AND overpriced at the same time.