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Jul 26, 2012 11:32 AM

Petrucci's: Near King of Prussia Mall; Ice Cream, Goats, mini-horses, pigs, cows, etc.

This turned out to be fun. No idea there was a farm so close to the urban shopping center at Kof P. No AC, no inside tables, but the weather was kind, and we enjoyed several flavors of
home-made ice cream, home-made pretzels on shade picnic benches.

Played scrabble; there weren't many customers mid day, but this has to be a peaceful mecca
for families with children. Some customers came to fill up jugs with spring water: $1.75 for
filling 6 gallon containers. Not a bad deal.

I had made a quick stop at Costco before meeting up with our friends on the road: I had home-made refrigeration via a 5 pound bag of frozen veggies keeping my meat and cheese cool.
Learned a new way to come home, via Gulph Road to the Schuykill; more relaxing than the
usual tight interchanges.

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  1. I'm not sure if the ice cream is homemade but the water ice and pretzels are for sure. It is a great place for the kids - you can grab some ice cream and spend time feeding the goats and playing on the little playground.

    There is also a location on Nutt Road in Phoenixville if you find yourself on the other side of Valley Forge. That one is just an ice cream shop (no farm/playground/garden center).

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      Quite right, Petrucci's have many locations in the area. The term "homemade" seems to be applied frequently and to me has become, most often, a misnomer.

    2. It's Petrucci's with an R.