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Jul 26, 2012 11:22 AM

Dessert in Baltimore?

Fellow hounder from MSP will meet my sister (from DC) in Baltimore. She has both a sweet tooth and deep pockets. Staying downtown. Dessert need not be in the same place as dinner.

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  1. Can't personally make this recommendation, but have heard that Wit and Wisdon in the Four Seasons Hotel has amazing desserts. I'm sure the other Chowhounders will lead you in the right direction.

    Some posters will suggest that you head over to Little Italy to Vaccarro's bakery.

    I've also seen recommendations-if this is your "thing"--drinks (think dessert drinks) at the B&O Brasserie. The bartender is reportedly a great mixologist and can probably concoct something decadent--perhaps the restaurant can supply one of their desserts. FoiGras

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      +1 on B&O, had some amazing desserts here in April!

    2. I also can't personally make this recommendation, but you can look up Woodberry Kitchen for dessert.

      1. Wit & Wisdom's desserts are excellent. I also like Blue Hill Tavern for dessert.

        1. The desserts at Henningers Tavern aren't fancy but they are delicious!

          1. I've had excellent dessert at Brewer's Art.