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Jul 26, 2012 11:13 AM

Vegan and gluten free sandwiches in NYC?

My friend and I are heading to NYC next week for a food day. We're planning on hitting up some of the usual places, Sacred Chow, checking out the Cinnamon Snail truck, Caravan of Dreams, ETC... I was wondering if anyone knew of a place a gluten free vegan could get a beanburger with tempeh bacon? Does that exist? Or a place with gluten free vegan sandwiches?

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  1. Try Angelica Kitchen in the EV. They're vegan and might have some gluten free offerings. They make a dynamite tofu sandwich but didn't pay attention on whether it was gluten free bread or not. I'm sure they have a lot of vegetarian options, it's what they're known for.

    1. Village Natural has a vegan black bean bacon burger
      46 GREENWICH AVE (Greenwich Ave. between Perry St. & Charles St. )
      (212) 727-0968

      1. Blossom and its iterations (Blossom Cafe, Blossom Du Jour) specify their gluten free options on their vegan menu; I dont know if for certain they can do the gluten-free black bean burger you are looking for, but it is certainly a good option for you to try.

        1. Thanks folks I'll check them out :)