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Jul 26, 2012 10:50 AM

Good Eats near Pulqueria? Also, lounge or rooftop bar nearby?

I have a couple of friends visiting from California, and one from Ohio. I thought we'd do dinner and drinks at Pulqueria but I've only had drinks there before, and after reading the reviews on the board, I'm not sure dinner there is really worth it. So, I wanted to just stick to drinks at Pulqueria, and maybe move to dinner nearby. Cheaper is preferable (but up to mid-$20 entree is a hard max).

Also, any cool spots to take out-of-towners in that area? We went to the rooftop of the Gansevoort and had dinner at Empellon last night (another reason to nix dinner at Pulqueria, and also why cheaper is preferable--Californians do not take kindly to paying anywhere in the teens for two tacos), but any fun place would do. Had thought about Water Taxi Beach but Govener's Island closes early.

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  1. All kinds of great Chinese around there - for cheap, Xi'An Famous is great. NY Noodletown is always a classic. For something a little nicer, Ping's is fantastic.

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      Pulqueria is by the same people by Apotheke - another option for drinks. On the same street as Nom Wah Tea Parlor, which I love. Historic, old-school, good food, and definitely on the cheap side. Plus if you love the movie Reversal of Fortune, they filmed part of it there.

      1. re: EBT

        How could I have forgotten Nom Wah? Of course! They're right next door practically...

        1. re: sgordon

          So would you say Nom Wah over Xi'An Famous? Any recs on what to order?

          1. re: leuce7

            Definitely the soup dumplings, and their roast pork bun. We had shrimp & chive dumplings, those were good, as well as the shrimp sui mai. (I had organized a dumpling crawl so we were heavy on those items - not sure about the other stuff.)

            1. re: leuce7

              They're both good - I wouldn't do one over the other. Depends what you're in the mood for. Xi'an for hearty lamb and pork noodle dishes, Nom Wah for fairly traditional dim sum - I'm fond of taro (or was it turnip?) cake in XO sauce, and the shrimp dumplings are excellent as EBT mentioned.