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Jul 26, 2012 10:27 AM

Driving on Rt. 91

I already posted this on the Northern New England Board, but we'll be driving from south to north so here goes:

Chicago CHs will be driving from Wolcott, Connecticut to Brantham, New Hampshire (and then back south a few days later) in August and would love to find a gem where we could stop and enjoy lunch. A great lobster shack would hit the spot, but we're open to anything that would be special on US 91. Who's got a great place or two you could recommend?

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  1. Well, by definition, you aren't going to find a "real" lobster shack inland on I-91. But the Maine Fish Market and Restaurant in East Windsor, CT is always a good bet for some local flavor. It is right off the highway.
    From Wolcott, you would take I-84 to Hartford, and then get on 91 North.

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      +1 on Maine Fish Market. Their fried scallops are excellent.

    2. I agree with Jim about Maine Fish Market. If you want to try a "Savin Rock Hot Lobster Roll", there's the USS Chowder Pot in Hartford, CT. Right off 91 at the Airport Rd exit. the hot lobster roll is usually found along the CT shoreline, but the Chowder Pot does a pretty good one.

      In Springfield, MA, there's Frigo's. It's a small Italian market right off of 91 in the old Italian neighborhood. They have great sandwiches and prepared foods with a few tables inside and out to eat. No wait service, just cafe tables. A hot spot at lunchtime for the locals.

      Have a nice trip and Buon Appetito!!

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        fyi the frigos sandwich menu is at the end of the catering menu.....fresh veal is excellent...closed sundays

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          Joe's Favorite happens to be my favorite too. A little olive oil and balsamic vinegar is always added for me.

      2. I haven't been to Mickey's Oceanic Grill in East Hartford in ages--has anyone been lately who can weigh in? That's definitely a clam shacky kinda place.

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          I've been to Mickey's many times. While not exactly off 91, it's not more than a coupla miles. it is sort of clam shacky, order at the counter, they shout your number, and you go eat. Decent burger alternative to chains, the spicy chicken sandwich was my favorite. I'm not a seafood lover, but everything looked crisp, and not overly oily. My dining companions always praised the sea critters, swimmers, crawlers, and those who just hang out on the floor