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Jul 26, 2012 10:16 AM

Frozen banana "ice cream"??? Can this really work?

Author claims freezing banana slices, then putting them in the blender with additives (other fruit, chocolate, peanut butter, etc.) yields a tasty ice cream alternative. Wondering if any CH'ers have tried this. I don't need the fat or sugar found in typical ice creams so this is worth a try. But no bananas at home nor time to shop 'til the weekend.

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  1. I wouldn't call it 'ice cream' but a delicious frozen banana treat.

    I use frozen bananas, low fat milk, and a spoonful of malt powder for a very tasty 'milkshake'...

    1. I have done this and it works. There is a contraption that my friend has that she uses specifically for this purpose

      1. We have chcolate covered frozen bananas in lieu of ice cream

        Google for how-to. Its not difficult.

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          Oh that reminds me, I recently made chocolate covered frozen kiwi pops...also a healthier alternative

        2. I literally just watched Rachael Ray make this on her show today. I have to say that it looked really good when it was all blended and whipped up.

          1. I was raised by health fanatics: no sugar, eggs, white flour, meat, oil, butter, milk, honey, (a.k.a nothing good) and this was what we got for a treat on special days like birthdays. (don't get me started on what we had for "cake"...)
            It's actually very tasty, though! Even melts in a kind of soft-servy way. We literally just froze sliced bananas and pureed them in the blender or food processor or something.
            Haven't eaten it in years because I grew up left the house and discovered just how good the real thing can be.
            It's no substitute for the real thing, but it's totally tasty.