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Jul 26, 2012 10:12 AM

Kids in Downtown St. Louis

I'm headed to St. Louis for about 24 hours with my wife and 3 kids ages 7, 4, and 2.

We're driving up and headed to the City Museum right after lunch.

I can't decide between walking to the Schlafly Tap Room or taking the Metro Link to the Delmar Loop for Fitz's or Blueberry Hill.

We're staying Downtown and won't have access to a car. Any other suggestions for a brood of small children?

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  1. In my mind, of the three places you named, Fitz's is the only place I would bring the kids.

    1. I would concur with the Fitz's recommendation. My kids love the bottomless soda mug where you can sample almost all of their flavors.

      1. I am going to disagree. Although the root beer at Fitz's is great, I think the food is subpar and my kids don't really like it either (the food. They love the root beer!). We all prefer Blueberry Hill to Fitz's. The City Museum is fabulous!

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          Agreed on the forgettable food at Fitz's. BH would have better food. Downtown is not super kid-dining friendly, but in Laclede's Landing Old Spaghetti Factory would work. Food is acceptable, and reasonable. The area is pretty dead though unless there is a game or big event of some sort.

        2. Two other kid-friendly options in the Loop are Pi Pizza (which is much closer to the Delmar Metrolink station than Blueberry Hill and Fitz's) and also Cheese-ology. The latter serves about a dozen different types of mac-n-cheese. Cheese-ology was pretty popular with my little guy, but I could take it or leave it.

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            I don't know why the Tap Room is not working for kids on this board. I think the food is pretty superior to the food at either Blueberry Hill or Fitz's, and we've been taking ours there since they were born. I'd say take them to the Loop if you think they would really enjoy riding the train, and the Delmar Loop is a nice street to wander up and down...but if you just want a decent lunch, the Tap Room is fine.

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              Do you find the food at the Tap Room better than that at Bottleworks in Maplewood? For me, I am not really a fan of Bottleworks food so I tend to discount the food at Tap Room as well.

              1. re: shannonstl

                I like Tap Room for kids and for adults. Good food, good service, great beer, no reservations.

          2. I don't recommend Fitz's. Their food hasn't been any good for years. During the day, Tap Room and Blueberry Hill are both appropriate for kids. I have never been that enthused about Tap Room's food, I find it on the bland side. LOVE Blueberry Hill's onion rings, and there is a lot for the kidlets to see there, but it is kind of a hike from the Metrolink station.