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Jul 26, 2012 09:58 AM

En route to Loon Mountain along 293 or 93?

Heading up for the weekend, all new turf for us. Hoping to arrive at Loon Mountain around 6PM.

Any hidden gems that might be worth having dinner at? This will be after a 3 hour drive or so, so not looking for something that is going to take time, or that we'll have to be nicely dressed for.

Anywhere along that last 50 miles of road which is not too far out of the way, or within 20 minutes of Loon would be considered.


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  1. Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln, the food there is worth the drive! You may want to call for a reservation because it gets busy. 603-745-4395. Casual dining experience with exceptional food and deserts.

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      Thanks! That was on my list of possibles

    2. theres a common man in lincoln and ashland right off the hwy

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      1. re: cringle22

        That was our plan b, if we couldn't get in to Gypsy Cafe, but we did get in and we were very pleased.