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Jul 26, 2012 09:43 AM

2012 Vendys this weekend!

I am totally bummed that I'll be out of town this weekend and won't be able to go to the Food Truck competition. I'll have to note it on next year's calendar. ;)

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  1. I nominated Pitruco but to no avail. Maybe next year (to your advantage)!

    1. Did you go last year? I decided not to go this year based on the fact that the new location will offer even less seating and shade than the Piazza in the height of the day. Last year, it was impossible to get a seat (all were being held while friends of the holders stood in line) and the shade didn't start to appear in earnest until well into the afternoon. So we ended up standing, trying to eat and drink and rush to the next line. It was just too much for a July day. I'd be all about the Vendys in September in a shadier spot, but no way will I hang in an asphalt parking lot all afternoon.

      They show a very lovely picture in their advertising of big trees and people waiting in the shade, but that must be New York. I did see a picture of of the Vendys last year and it must have been late in the event because very few trucks have lines (meaning they were out of food) and the shade has reached the middle of the Piazza.

      All that whining aside, there was some good food to be had (although the beer was awful) and they introduced me to the korean/mexican truck at Drexel which I now eat at when I'm up there to teach.

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          last year I learned about it a few days after the event. :( I'm making progress, at least this year I heard about it ahead of time, haha. Next year maybe I'll actually get there.