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Jul 26, 2012 09:22 AM

HATCH CHILE ROASTING 2012 Please add dates.

New Alberstson's market ad is teasing Hatch Chile Roasting "Coming Soon", at $34.99 / 30lb. sack. Time to start planning for the season. I still have over a full sack of roasted in the freezer, I bought 3 bushels last year.

Please post here when you find new sources and dates.

Link to last year posts and schedules :

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  1. Bristol Farms will have a few roasting locations. About the third week in August. Check their website. I too still have some in the freezer from last year. I roast them myself. Either a small batch in the toaster oven or on the BBQ. Nothing like a fresh roasted Hatch Chile.

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    1. Anyone wanna split some with this Ns1?

      Don't need 30 pounds but I might be down for 15.

      pardon the obvious, wtf do you guys do with all of these hatch chiles?

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        You can do ANYTHING with hatch chile. Set some aside to use ASAP and put the rest in freezer bags. I like to clean and deseed the chiles first. Once it's frozen, you can take out as needed - chop and add to sandwiches, burgers, omelets, bloody marys, and my favorite, clam chowder. In New Mexico we eat chile with everything the way Californians eat avocado with everything. You can whip up a batch of red, defrost a bag of green, add a little chicken stock and minced garlic to the green and smother both over enchiladas or tacos or what have you for Christmas style chile.

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          Oh oh, be careful stereotyping us Californians ;-) I've never put avocado in my oatmeal (hum maybe I'll have to try that out :-P ) never order california rolls and sometimes go for weeks and weeks between eating avocado. But on the other hand I eat chile everyday. (wink wink)

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          If you are from NM then you will put them in small zip lock bags and use a little bag every week or so. If you are not form New Mexico then I assume you don't understand the New Mexican culture.
          Rice is to Asians as Potatoes are to Irish, as Vodka is to Russians as Pasta is to Italians as CHILE IS TO NEW MEXICANS !!!! Enjoy!

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            I just put some in a corn chowder.

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              I like to put them in mac n cheese.

              This stew is also very good (I add cumin):

            2. El Rey Farms started taking Hatch Chili orders July 15 and has scheduled to have delivery/roasting at La Puente High School for the following dates:

              Saturday, Aguust 11

              Saturday, August 18

              Saturday, August 25

              Saturday, September 8

              Saturday, Setember 15 (possible)

              El Rey Farms is selling Hatch Chilis in Mild, Medium, Hot, XHot and XXHot.

              El Rey Farms

              (562) 946-8040


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              1. re: Norm Man

                Is it worth ordering from El Rey to get the XX Hots?? I love spicy. But if they aren't that much hotter it is a lot easier to go to Bristol Farms South Pasadena and get the regular hots. Anyone got an opinion?


                1. re: torchsong

                  I have always bought from El Rey but they keep jacking up the prices every year. I rather pay a lower price and get the same. Can you tell me if Bristol Farms has the mild, hot, and extra hot chiles or is it just one type? What type is it?

                  1. re: floresjl

                    In my experience at Bristol farms they usually only have hot and mild.

              2. Just keep in mind that you must peel the chiles and remove the seeds while they're still warm.
                If you freeze them without this step, they'll be a nightmare to handle when thawed.

                The easist way to clean them is under cold running water with a collander below to catch the debris. Wear gloves if your hands are sensitive.


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                1. re: ChefRoux

                  I didn't have this problem. Very easy to peel and seed once thawed. Thy are a little soft so you have to be careful.

                  1. re: emosbaugh

                    i agree that they are easy to peel when thawed. the skins slide off like a glove. i stay away from rinsing, as i think flavor is lost that way. can't wait to refill my freezer. last year i missed the local date, so had to drive to bristol farms in palos verdes. my car smelled SO good on the drive home!

                    1. re: chez cherie

                      I agree, it was actually easier for me to peel and remove the seeds when the chiles were partially frozen. Not sure what El Rey is like but with Albertson's, be sure to bring some extra plastic bags to prevent any leakage...

                  2. re: ChefRoux

                    I just bought and froze some, followed the directions the chile guy gave me: put 'em in bags and freeze. Seed and clean per use, as they thaw.

                    1. re: ChefRoux

                      No no... don't rinse it!
                      Use a paper towel to gently brush the seeds off.
                      Using water to rinse it -> you are rinsing the best flavor in the world...
                      Yes it takes a longer time but if you want this flavor to last year round while you freeze it then NEVER rinse. It's a labor of love...

                    2. This week's Albertsons ad has dates as follows:
                      Aug. 4 @ Chula Vista
                      Aug. 11 @ Alhambra & Reseda
                      Aug. 18 @ Rancho Cucamonga
                      Aug. 25 @ La Habra
                      Sept. 1 @ Montebello