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Jul 26, 2012 08:54 AM

Looking for bday lunch recommendation near Square 1, Mississauga.

Can someone please recommend me a good lunch spot near Square 1, Mississauga for Saturday, July 28? Something relatively cheap (~$15) but good and not too crowded. No fast food, no chain restaurants like Caseys, Swiss Chalet. It's for my birthday and I'll have around 10-15 people. Thanks!!!!!!

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  1. Anyone try APRICOT TREE CAFE??

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    1. re: mtx

      Apricot Tree cafe is quaint and good food but with a size of 15 people, you'll overwhelm the place.

      I would recommend Twin Fish Thai food. It's nice, good sized, and exactly in the price point you're looking for. It's at Hurontario and Courtney Park. I also would recommend Blue Sage bbq BUT (huge caveat) I would honestly call way ahead of time to let him know that you're coming with a BIG GROUP. Once he's out of something, he's out for the night. He also does everything himself (including serve) so it might be slow if he doesn't bring back up. If you can work with him to make sure he has enough food and a dedicated server, you can enjoy a nice meal for your price point.

      1. re: Nevy

        It's gonna be a 2:30-3PM lunch. Will it be busy at that time?

        1. re: Nevy

          Will 10 people be too big for Apricot?

          1. re: mtx

            Too big? Not at 2:30 and have called ahead, but your price point is going to be a challenge if that's per person all inclusive.

            They have a pleasant new sister-restaraunt, Bistro Narra, up Winston Churchill at Thomas, but the price challenge will be the same.

            Unless someone has negotiated a particularly low rent and has family members working your price point won't sustain a business much beyond burgers and sandwiches these days.

            I'd consider Chef-owned Mondello on Queen Street in Streetsville. They host a lot of family parties and are open Saturdays. If you order carefully it's moderately priced plus quiet and comfortable with their own parking at the side.

            1. re: iamafoodie

              For a light lunch at 2:30, I don't expect people to order full entrees seeing how we'll be eating dinner in a few hours anyways. $15-$20 seems to be normal for lunch these days no?

              1. re: mtx

                It all depends on the circumstances around your celebration. At 2:30 your guests might be surprisingly hungry. If you are hosting this event you also might be unpleasantly surprised at what people might order when presented with an extensive and attractively worded menu, particularly if alcoholic beverages are contemplated.

                You might be happier with the outcome by taking control and ordering a few platters of appetizers in advance. If you are having separate bills, of course your situation is not so onerous.

                Make it a great celebration and enjoy.