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Jul 26, 2012 08:49 AM

Help! - Lunch tomorrow in/near Dartmouth Crossing

Hey Atlantic Canada Hounds,

Will be in NS for a visit starting tomorrow and wondering if there are any lunch recs in/near Dartmouth Crossing (or somewhere on the way from the airport to Dartmouth crossing). Not looking for anything too adventurous, just good food at a reasonable price ($10-20 mains). Seafood would be great. I have read that the Orchid Thai place is great but I am looking for something that serves Canadian/American food.


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  1. Hi, If you are just looking for a quick bite, I would recommend Sam's Express in Dartmouth Crossing for FIsh and Chips. However it's really just a fast food place. As far as American?Canadian food, Dartmouth Crossing is the home of the chain restaurant: Moxie's, Boston Pizza, Monatana's, Jack Astors, Woody's, and Swiss Chalet are what you find. The independent restaurants are either Asian or Greek.There's also a Cora's in Burnside which is two minutes from DC.

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      Was hoping for soemthing non-chain. Italian would be okay too. Is the fish and chips at Sam's made fresh or is out out of the freezer?

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        Pretty sure fish is fresh with fresh cut fries. My husband likes their ribs when they have them. It is just counter service. I also forgot about Cucina Moderna. I haven't been there at all. Now that I have mentioned Sam's we are going for supper there.

    2. We ended up at Woody's Southern BBQ and it was delicious. Tried the pulled pork that came with sauce. Really tasty and very comparable with the good BBQ places I have tried in Toronto and area.

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        Glad you found somewhere that worked for you. I had heard mixed reviews. They are one of 4 across Canada. I can't figure out if they are affiliated with the Woddy's BBQ chain in the eastern US.