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Visiting Washington DC and area from Toronto - Aug 5-11.

Any suggestions on a first time visitor to the area re Food/Farmers Markets?

Driving from Toronto with two friends and out child who 6 years old (who eats a full range of food).

Looking for anything from seafood, famous must-try stops, quick to a few fine dining (without child).

We need three meals a day for a week!!

Thanks ahead of time!

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    1. Where are you staying?
      Will you be willing to use public transportation?
      What is your price range?
      What are your preferences/hates?
      We have hundreds of restaurants here.
      Help us to help you.

      1. Eastern Market
        Maine avenue seafood barges
        Rasika ( Indian)
        Etete (ethiopian)
        Dino ( rustic Italian using locally grown, caught or raised seasonal ingredients)
        Central by Michelle Richard
        Jaleo ( Jose Andres Tapas)
        Zaytynia Jose Andres Mezze)
        Graffiato ( Michael Isabella Italian)
        Two Amy's ( wood burning stove Italian grownup pizza, bistro)
        Rays Hellsburger (Just over bridge from Georgetown in Arlington, gourmet fantastic burgers)

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        1. The Quarterdeck in Rosslyn for crabs. Call ahead to reserve a table.

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          1. Grace Garden (Chinese) in Odenton. Find the thread on it. It's been running for years and dishes should be ordered 1-4 days in advance.

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              Toronto has killer Chinese food. Hard to imagine the drive would be worthwhile given that.

              Rasika is very special to this area and there are two locations now. It's Indian-based, but veers far off the usual Indian path.

              For seafood, I'd recommend Hank's, Pearl Dive and Black Salt - in ascending order of price.

              Eastern Market is fun on a Sat. morning. Market Lunch does a good breakfast, but get there early. I also love the hot half smoke in natural casing at the meat market about half way down. Costs $2, you apply your own condiments and eat standing up.

              1. re: woodleyparkhound

                You have nit been to Grace Garden, I take it. Not saying you're wrong, but GG is special and worth a look.

            2. Are you limited to strictly DC? What is your budget for fine dining?

              Famous Must Try Stops- I would go to Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church VA and get the Peking Duck. You could also go to El Pollo Rico in Arlington for Peruivan Chicken. If you make the trip to Baltimore then I would go to Attmans Deli and get the Corned beef on Rye. Attmans is an institution. You could also go to Faidleys for a crabcake. Ben's Chili Bowl is in institution also, I dont think the half smoke is that great but the chili is excellent. Worth having a half smoke and chili cheese fries.

              Fine Dining- The Source, (Asian Fusion- Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, You can eat in the lounge if you want and dine off either menu. Rasika (their chef switched from the original location to Rasika West End) either location is amazing, (the Palak Chaat is a must), Fiola (Italian) Central, (French) Tasting Menu's-- (Minibar, Komi) Bourbon Steak, Palena cafe regular restaurant, Bistro Bis (French) Marcels (French so many options here. I have also heard that Eola (tasting menu and Seasonal Pantry are amazing but I haven't dine at either yet.

              Seafood- Black Salt, J&G Steakhouse (dont let the name fool you)

              Lunch places I think a 6 year old would eat at these places?- 2 Amy's, (Best Pizza in DC IMO) (VA), Rays Hell Burger, The Italian Store (The best Italian Subs) Kabob Palace or Ravi Kabob, Fast Gourmet (the Chivito Sandwich is incredible) Oohs and Aaahs- Great fried chicken and macaroni Pho 75 or Pho Xe Lua. Blanca's Restaurant in Falls Church has excellent Pupusas. Amsterdam Falafal, Plaka Grill (The best Gyro) Zorba's in DC is also very good and so is the Greek Deli (All are good lunch options) Deli City has very good corned beef (Not as good as Attman's but it's in DC) Only open during the week) Sundevich has good sandwiches (Same owner as Seasonal Pantry) You could do lunch or dinner at Graffiato, or Zaytinya also. (Another poster recommended both of these restaurants and I do as well) If you wanted to do dinner at Zaytinya when you make you reservation ask if you can reserve a spit roasted lamb they only serve a few of them a night. It is excellent and worth having)

              Breakfast/Brunch- Market Lunch (not open on Sunday) Tabard Inn, Blue Duck Tavern, Founding Farmers, Ted's Bulletin, Poste, Anita's (for the breakfast burritos only), Bethesda Bagels (Dupont), VA- Bayou Bakery (Excellent Beignets), Northside Social (Good breakfast sandwiches

              Some other good ethnic eats- Ethiopic, for Ethiopian Food (excellent Tibs)

              Let me know if you need any other cuisine recommendations as you can see there are a lot of great options.