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Jul 26, 2012 08:29 AM

What are the must tries at Han Dynasty?

The Dan Dan noodles are already on my list. Although I'm going to have to request a bit less heat as they're listed as an 8 on their site.

What are some other dishes that I must try?

There will be 2 of us dining tonight so suggestions on good sharing dishes would be great!

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  1. Spicy Crispy Cucumbers
    Cold Sesame Noodles
    Cumin-style Lamb (though they sometimes overdo it with the cumin)

    Some other favorites:

    Dry Fry style Pork
    Mapo Tofu
    Dumplings in Chili Oil

    The Dan Dan noodles, and basically everything else on the menu, seem to vary widely in heat level from visit to visit. Sometimes the Dan Dan noodles are the hottest thing on the table, sometimes the weakest.

    1. +1 to buckethead's favorites

      - Three Cup Chicken is not spicy at all- i would omit these and go with the pea leaves myself, but others love this dish so i always end up getting it
      - dry cooked fish
      - Pea Leaves w/ Garlic - also not spicy and good if you want some greens

      1. I agree with all of Buckethead's recs. Just a note, since you say there will be two of you--the portions are quite large. I have gone for lunch with one other person, split the cucumbers and dan dan noodles, and been quite full, and I don't have a small appetite. If you want to sample a lot of different things, be prepared to bring home leftovers.

        1. +1 for three cup chicken(boneless) (one cup sesame oil, one cup rice wine vinegar and one cup soy sauce) and dumplings in Chili Oil
          I also like the double fried beef and the chicken with hot peppers. Both are very spicy. The wontons in chicken broth is also great!

          1. I don't know what your heat tolerance is, but even their maximum number of chilies is really not that alarming...

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              Thanks for the suggestions, and we tried them tonight at the Exton location. Some were not recognized when we called in for takeout, but more to the point: The ones we did get were spoiled by a way, way, way too much salt (or MSG). We all remember the good days of HD, but Exton is still not back.