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Jul 26, 2012 06:32 AM

Las Vegas recommendations

My husband and I are headed to vegas to meet up with friends who live in California. We're staying at the Wyndham Grand Desert Resort on E. Harmon Ave (our friends have a time share, we're staying with them - hey, the price is right!) AND we'll have two cars between us. Since we're staying at a place with a kitchen, I'd imagine we'll eat most breakfasts in the hotel (more money saved!).
However, we LOVE breakfast. We're looking for must-hit lunches and dinners, cheap is good but a couple of splurges are ok. As of now, we're going to see LOVE one night (not sure which) and Monday morning of our trip (4 nights total, Friday night thru Tuesday AM) we are getting "re-married" at the Bellagio (just photographs, I know, it's odd - just go with it).
The only dietary restriction is that places with some veggie options. If there are any healthy-leaning options, I would appreciate that. Lastly, snack places are also appreciated!

As of now, I have:
Hash House
Wicked Spoon (though, maybe Monday after the re-wedding - is sunday brunch special there?)
Lotus of Siam
Scarpetta (thinking of this being our splurge with just us, minus the friends)
Ronalds to pick up some donuts for our friends to enjoy in the hotel

I've previously been to Mesa Grill, Bouchon (brunch), Spago and some burger place (among others during a trip years ago with my folks).

Off the strip is totally fine - we'll have cars and our friends are foodies, too. Any recommendations would be appreciated - I have looked through the thread here but still don't have a solid list.

ETA: We aren't big fans of Japanese and we do tend to stick with vegetarian options if possible at restaurants. Our friends are not as picky in that regard as we are. We could do veggie noodle bowls if they are insanely good, though, I'm sure.

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    1. re: linguafood

      Thanks, I've checked this place out and my husband and I aren't Japanese food fans, but those we are meeting up with might be, so I'll put it down as a maybe.

      1. re: Jeserf

        I love Lotus of Siam, but really because of their northern Thai specialties. If simply ordering central Thai or standard Ameri-Thai selections, you won't be excited (they'll still be good).

        As for Japanese, I'm not as big a fan of Japanese food as I am of Southeast Asian & Thai & Chinese food, although I still appreciate a really terrific piece of raw fish, which is why I loved Kabuto. But at Raku, you can pretty much avoid raw fish and just have an amazing meal, even if not a big Japanese fan. And their tofu is amazing. You can find my most recent review at the following link, which also contains another link to the same review, but with pictures:

        As for Wicked Spoon, I think it's by far the best of the Vegas buffets . . . didn't notice that they did anything special for Sunday brunch though . . . huge spread already.

        1. re: BRB

          How much do you want to spend per meal. You mentioned the Hash House. Are talking about the Hash House or the Hash House A Go Go? These are two different restaurants.

          1. re: Eric

            hm, they ARE two different restaurants - should we pick one over the other? :)

            1. re: Jeserf

              Best to look up their menus on their sites as they are totally different types of food. Hash House only serves breakfast and dinner. Hash House A Go Go closes after lunch until 4:30 pm.

              1. re: Eric

                hm, I couldn't see a meny on the hash house web site, but the hash house a go-go menu looks pretty amazing....

                1. re: Jeserf

                  Here's the Hash House breakfast menu link:

                  I've seen a fair amount of confusion lately between Hash House and the a-go-go place, so I think I'm going to do a separate post about that (short version: I far prefer Hash House on Decatur/Sahara)

          2. re: BRB

            that's good to know - maybe we'll do that Monday after wedding pictures, since I highly doubt I'll want to eat that much the day before the photos....

          3. re: Jeserf

            Their tofu is a thing to behold, as are there many robata skewers. Trust me, you're bound to find something that you not only like, but love.


            The review is in German (google translate is your friend), but the pics should give you a bit of an impression.

        2. Oh! If there are any, by chance, good deli-style places we should hit up, that'd be a good recommendation to have! We are deli fans and we lack them here in DC, but I'm thinking Vegas is full of enough transplants from all over, there might be some worthy of a visit!

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          1. re: Jeserf

            If you are looking for Jewish delis, there is a total lack of those. The Rampart Casino has a Thursday night New York deli buffet.

            1. re: Eric

              Very close to your hotel is Origin India (Paradise Road) which serves excellent Indian food with many vegetarian options available. It also participates in, but bear in mind it is one certificate per table.

              Milos in the Cosmopolitan offers an outstanding $20.12 3-course lunch which would be convenient following your Bellagio photo session, but there are no vegetarian entrees listed. If you do seafood though, it would be a great place for lunch.

              DW Bistro is worth a drive. The Jamaican curry soup and vegetable curry bowl are highly recommended. Don't leave without sharing a piece of the carrot cake - it is much different from anything I have had in the past. A weekend brunch is also served.

              Pura Vida Bakery is arguably the best vegetarian restaurant in Las Vegas. The daily $9.99 lunch specials are often very innovative.

              Bar & Bistro in the Arts Factory offers creative tapas and has an entire vegan menu. The restaurant also participates in

              Border Grill in Mandalay Bay goes meatless on Mondays. 2-course lunch for $20 or 3-course dinner for $29. Another participant.

              Do try the apple fritters and buttermilk donuts at Ronald's.

              1. re: Eric

                ah oh well, it was worth a try!

              2. re: Jeserf

                The Carnegie Deli at the Mirage is a faithful representation of the NYC original. The sandwiches are enormous and the prices aren't cheap, but it's a taste of the NYC deli experience. However, with all the great dining options available, I'd only go if you have your heart set on it.

                  1. re: freshlycured

                    I've been to both the NYC Carnegie and the one at Mirage, and they're roughly equal; IMO, OK but not the greatest deli. If you've been to Katz or Langer's you'll probably be disappointed. I prefer Canter's at TI -- not by a large margin though. Canter's is somewhat less money, but a smaller sandwich. The Carnegie sandwich could feed two normal appetites.

                1. If you like breakfast and have a car, I would highly recommend Bread & Butter in Henderson. Amazing pastries and really great breakfast dishes. I have family that require at least 2 meals there each visit :) I have never had that much willpower, but besides the amazing sweets, they also have some healthy options.

                  It looks like you have already scoped out the Cosmo. There are a lot of great places there!

                  I'm a fan of the Barrymore which is just off the strip (still walking distance) and Olives at the Bellagio is fun for a relaxing meal in front of the fountains.

                  1. I would recommend the shakes at Holsteins in the Cosco. I had a black and white shake there a few weekends back and it was one of the best shakes I've ever had. A perfect balance between the vanilla and chocolate without being cloying or artificially sweet flavored. The consistency of the shake was perfect as well, not too think but definitely not watered down at all. It was also $9 but it was worth every penny, especially in Vegas.