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Jul 26, 2012 06:07 AM

Driving North on Rt. 91

Chicago CHs will be driving from Connecticut to New Hampshire (and then back south a few days later) in August and would love to find a gem where we could stop and enjoy lunch. A great lobster shack would hit the spot, but we're open to anything that would be special on US 91. Who's got a great place or two you could recommend?

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  1. If it's a saturday, you could stop at the farmers market in Brattleboro VT. Several of the vendors sell prepared ethnic food.

    How far north on I91 are you going?

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    1. re: dfrostnh

      Grantham, NH. Maybe I should also post this on the Southern New England Board.

      1. re: chicgail

        On the way, Yama's in Lebanon for Korean food.

        Possibly for the trip home but it's about an hour out of your way is the High Tide in Hillsborough NH. It's a seasonal take-out kind of place. Lots of seating on a screened porch. The drive to get back to I91 will go thru Keene. Mostly pleasant 55 mph roads.

        1. re: chicgail

          Mass. and Conn. both Southern N.E.
          NH ,VT and ME Northern New England

      2. Our favorite stop is the Chelsea RoyalDiner in Brattelboro. Really fun place, lots of local ingredients.

        1. Donut Dip in West Springfiled, Exit 13A, White Hut in Springfield for sliders.