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Jul 25, 2012 09:24 PM

Hartford Sunday Brunch?

I'm looking to take my extended family, a group of 14 with a couple of younger kids, out for a Sunday brunch in the Hartford area. Ideally something casual and leisurely. Any recommendations? (My Chowhound search abilities must be lacking... I couldn't seem to find any Hartford brunch spots whatsoever.)

Edit: It looks like the Advocates's 2012 Poll ( recommends: Dakota's Steakhouse in Rocky Hill, Adam's Mill in Manchester and Half Door. Would any of these be good for a group and be casual?

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  1. I have been to Dakota's for dinner and think it is highly over rated and have never been to Half Door. I will however recommend Adams Mill. I have been there for lunch, dinner, Sunday Brunch and their Murder Mystery dinners. Food is good, atmosphere is casual and they should have no problem seating a group your size.

    1. While I am not a fan of Dakota's dinner service, their Sunday Brunch is pretty credible and would be a good choice for a group of 14 including some younger kids.

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        I agree, I would not go for dinner but have had the brunch several times. There is a very big selection, everything is well prepared, good service, and the cost is very reasonable for what you get. Great for a large group.

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          +1 on Dakota's for brunch for all the reasons described above.

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            Fantastic, I just made a reservation for Sunday. Thanks all!

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              Was it as good as we all remembered? :) And, more important, what you were hoping for?

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                Sorry for the delay in replying.

                Well. The space was great for a group and had the casual atmosphere that I was looking for. The kids got a kick out of the mounted animal heads and various displays.

                The food, on the other hand, was rather mediocre. It just seemed like they were trading off quality for quantity and of all the offerings I tried, nothing really stuck out as good. (In fact, the one thing I do recall quite clearly is their atrocious creme brulee. Ick.)

                I really do appreciate all for chiming in (and if any of you are in the Atlanta area, I'll try to return the favor), but the brunch was a bit disappointing in terms of food quality.

                1. re: fivefivefive

                  Oh, that's a bummer. I haven't been in a long time, but really used to enjoy it. For whatever reason, I remember especially liking the waffle station.

      2. Crud, wish I saw this sooner. Dakota brunch is nothing like it was five years ago. The brunch buzz now is for Farm at Avon Old Farms Hotel. Check out a sample brunch menu:

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          Oh, man, that is a shame because the sample menu you posted looks great! Nodine's bacon, even!