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Summer Salad Recipes Needed

I love summer cold salads, especially grain free ones, and this weekend I am going to a concert and camping with my grown two daughters and their significant others. Two of us are vegetarian, four of us are low carb. I need to bring two or three different salads for the ice chest.

Tried and true recipes are welcome!

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  1. One can never have too many recipes for salads!

    not sure how low-carb you need to be, but I just made a Lemon Mediterranean Lentil Salad that was fabulous. I also make a Raw Thai Pineapple Parsnip Rice Salad that is very crowd pleasing. Raw kale salads (I love mine with a lemon vinaigrette, beets, almonds and currants) also transport really well.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thank you. I am going to try it.
      I am bringing a variety of salads and dip/spreads to go with various "healthy chips" and veg.... combo of lower carb and vegetarian.

      I will try this one, maybe a black soy bean dip/spread, maybe a tuna dip and a "tabbouleh" type salad with grated cauliflower instead of Bulgar.

      Still looking for great ideas! I would like three salads and three dips.

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        Sounds delicious. I'd love to know how they all turn out. :)

        I have tried this yet but this looks good as a dip: http://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/c...

        As well, for a tasty spin on guacamole, I love it with cucumber and pineapple. :



    2. I love a corn and black bean salad. I usually throw in some thinly sliced red onion, cubed avocado,

      That's my base, then I play around with how to dress it. Sometimes it's just a simple vinaigrette, sometimes a make a chipotle sour cream dressing and add some cilantro to the mix and a squeeze of lime.

      I guess this might not be low carb though. Or is it?

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        No, it isn't but I'm sure it's delicious.

      2. Two of my summer favorites:
        Edamame salad and pasta salad. Obviously the pasta salad is not low-carb!

        For the edamame I use frozen shelled edamame, mostly because they are easily available. I give them a quick cook, then toss with matchstick carrots, sometimes adding chiffonade purple cabbage for color. I dress with sesame oil, rice vinegar, tamari, diced garlic and ginger. I add chopped cilantro and toasted sesame seeds. For those who are not low-carb the whole thing can be tossed with or used to top cold soba noodles or brown rice.

        p.s. Yeah, those who are strict no/low-carb will not want to do edamame. Mostly this is good for folks looking to up their protein intake. I know some veggies struggle with this...

        1. You'd have to do the avocado part last minute for this one, but I substitute black soybeans (Eden canned ones) for black beans and this is my favorite summer salad: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

          I also add some cumin to the dressing.

          1. There is one salad that my mom used to make that I always try to have on hand in the fridge for lunches, snacks, or dinner sides. I always throw it together by the seat of my pants, so you have to experiment with quantities to see what works best for you, but the basics are:

            Bacardi1 Shell-Bean Feta Salad

            As many different varieties of canned shell beans as you like - at least four - as in light &/or dark Red Kidney beans, White Kidney/Cannelini or Great Northern beans, Garbanzo/Chickpea beans, Black beans, etc., etc.) - drained & rinsed
            Peeled & chopped red onion
            Peeled & minced garlic cloves
            Chopped Italian flat-leaf parsley
            Fresh chopped or dried oregano
            Crumbled Feta cheese
            Crushed red pepper flakes or freshly-ground black pepper
            Extra-virgin olive oil
            Red or white wine vinegar, or any other vinegar of choice

            Gently combine everything to taste, cover & refrigerate. This keeps well in the fridge for at least a week (although it never lasts that long around here - lol!)

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              Growing up my mother used to make this during those hot days of summer. She would also add hard boiled eggs, quartered, garden tomatoes, and top it off with kalamata olives. God, I miss that dish... Always reminded me of my childhood.

            2. I make a nut free pesto and put it over any variety of cooked and raw vegetables. We had it with yellow wax beans (steamed), summer squash (roasted), red pepper and purple onion (roasted), cucumbers, and tomatoes.

              1. Another salad PERFECT for this time of year (in fact, I NEVER bother making this unless it's "tomato season") is a Caprese Salad. There are many recipes for it, but basically all you need are slices of fresh, ripe garden tomatoes (an array of different colors - red, pink, orange, yellow, green - is very pretty) interspersed with slices of good fresh artisinal-type mozzarella & basil leaves. A few grinds of sea salt & black pepper, & a nice drizzle of good-quality extra-virgin olive oil complets it perfectly. Some folks also enjoy a drizzle of good balsamic or red-wine vinegar - but that's optional, & is probably best offered on the side.

                1. Moosewood's recipe for "gado gado" is a great go-to for this type of thing. The peanut sauce is so good you can put in on pretty much anything and it's going to taste great. We like to prepare an assortment of items, such as fresh spinach, sprouts, snap peas, etc. and then also parboil items such as carrots, sweet potato chunks, refrigerate everything. At mealtime, assemble a tray with the various chilled items (can add tofu, hard-boiled eggs, poached chicken, etc. if desired) and pass the sauce separately so everyone can assemble their own salad. This recipe is always well-received, can be made ahead, and is easy to transport.

                  1. There are prepacked broccoli shred salad packs.. I like to put ranch dressing, fake bacon, lemon juice and sometimes fresh herbs like cilantro. Just make sure you wash the broccoli shreds in a vinegar solution to get any residue from the growers off. It's crunchy and bright just right for outside eating. It's good no matter what amount of measurement you use but the fako bacon needs to be put on as served.... no salt or pepper needed.. pepper would make it gross.. salt is good..

                    Here is one I haven't tried with spices ~ http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/in...

                    The same one but with less spice ingredients to be substitued with vegan products.. vegenaise, fake bacon, ~ http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Fresh-Br...

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                      I LOVE that bagged shredded broccoli product! Around here it's called "Broccoli Slaw", & contains peeled finely-shredded broccoli stems, along with a small amount of shredded carrot & red cabbage.

                      I don't add it to salads much, but find it a wonderful addition to stir-fries & soups.

                      1. re: Bacardi1

                        Good cause I need more recipes for Broccoli Slaw, when I say it it even sounds like one of those things people just won't know what I'm talking about.

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                          I use broccoli slaw or rambow slaw with a peanut dressing and chopped peanuts on top.

                    2. I've been doing raw corn with cherry tomatoes and it has been delicious. I make a simple vinaigrette with some lime juice and cumin and toss the salad with some fresh cilantro and sometimes some diced jalapenos. The raw corn keeps the salad crunchy and fresh if you need to transport it. Enjoy!

                      1. I have been loving zucchini "carpaccio". Sliced thin, in rounds or lenghtwise, deressed with a light lemon vinaigtrette and shaved parm. It gets better as it sits, at least for 12 hours or so, and therefore is great for picnics.
                        Also, lacinato kale salad wirh sherry vinaigrette, good black olives and parmesan. Same thing, better as it sits.

                        Another: chic peas and shallots with sundried tomatoes and cumin scentede vinaigrette.

                        One more: watermelon, tomatoes and peaches with a very light dressing of olive oil and white balsalmic, with fresh mint.

                        1. Well, this is my favorite salad -- adjust as needed to accomomodate food preferences:

                          Baby spinach
                          Goat cheese
                          Dried cherries
                          Toasted Almonds
                          Bacon, if this weren't the Vegetarian board!
                          Added tomatoes to it tonight.

                          You can also put in fresh herbs -- I grow my own basil, parsley, and Texas tarragon. You could also add tasty whole-wheat croutons (optional for the low-carb crowd). Just throw in whatever you have on hand that you think would taste good with it (and fits everybody's food preferences)!