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Jul 25, 2012 08:10 PM

Thai Taste Waterford, MI.

Finally got around to trying it tonight and was very happy with the food. We got take out, I got the Kow Pad Gra Prow while the wife had regular Kow Pad. I also got a side of the spicy chicken wings. I'm not one to elaborate elegantly on the fine details of eating out, but for the money, this was hands down the best Thai fried rice I've got in the Waterford area period. The meats in my rice were hearyy chunks, tender, not gristly, and very flavorful. The chicken wings were enormous, not the typical tiny ones most places offer up, and the sauce on them was absolutely delicious. They also offer of a Laotion menu inside that I didn't see on their printed menu.

So long as they keep up the quality, they will get my dollar over all the other local Thai places, including Hot Pepper Thai which has suffered a bit in service and quality lately.

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  1. Good to hear. I stopped in to the Troy Thai Taste a couple days ago, for the first time in a very long time. The owner told me that the Waterford location is specializing in pho-style soups and larb. Interesting, since the Troy location doesn't even have pho-like stuff on the menu. Will have to give the Waterford place a try soon.

    1. I've been to the Waterford Thai Taste twice in the mast couple weeks. Once for lunch, once for dinner. Both times, the place was fairly empty.

      FOr lunch i had a noodle dish - it was very good. I was a little surprised to not get a bowl of soup, as I thought that was a standard at Thai places. But I guess not.

      A week later, stopped by for dinner. Ordered the soup a la carte this time. I think it was called Thai hot and sour soup - very tasty.

      Also had Larb Moo (Pork Larb). Waitress said I was her first customer to order the larb. I really enjoyed it. Ordered medium spice and it was fairly spicy.

      Also had Som Tum (papaya salad). This was great. Also ordered medium. And the same waitress asked me if I knew what I was ordering, and if I'd ever had it before. Funny.

      Oh yeah, the Laos menu is on a board on the wall. That is where the larb and papaya salad came from.

      I think the food here is a couple notches up from the other thai in the area.

      1. I've been here twice in the past week, and I've enjoyed my two (exactly the same each time) C6s (red curry with coconut milk and lots of veggies). I've been impressed with the quality of the food, as there certainly are plenty of vegetables prepared well, and believe it or not, I really enjoy the eggplant in this dish. I thought I wasn't crazy about eggplant before, but in this? Good stuff, Maynard.

        Doubly enjoyable was my experience today, wherein I walked in and was remembered by the woman there, as was my order. I swear, I was all ready to hate on this place as I was in a particularly grumpy mood on Sunday, and the place had two squeally, way, way, way, way, *WAY* over-hyper kids running around in the joint (generally being annoying children), and I just sort of wanted to cross the place off of my list of places to be tried. Lo, and behold, it turned out to be quite tasty, even after the ride in the car.

        Better than expected, that's for sure.

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          Everytime I've been in the kids have been there too. I usually immerse myself in a newspaper or my I-Phone, but can see how they would be bothersome.
          I've seen this in several Chinese/Thai places btw.