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Jul 25, 2012 07:36 PM

Bonefish Grille Restaurant coming to Montgomeryville

Saw this in The Distorter today:

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  1. After reading comments from my fellows hounds on this thread I'm feeling enthused:

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    1. re: givemecarbs

      If you want to try one now there is one in Plymouth Meeting on Germantown Pike and another in Willow Grove. I find them to be marginally acceptable. I worry about the source of the fish, and do not find the food preparations to be that exciting.

      1. re: cwdonald

        Doh. Haven't been to plymouth meeting in awhile. Still recovering from California Pizza.
        What I'm really anticipating is the Wegmans in montgomeryville. The signs now threaten that they plan to open in the fall. I thought I had til January 2014 to save up. I really hope the food court is nice. And that they have a cafe too with beer and wine.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Where on Germantown Pike?

          I was looking at the BFG website yesterday and the closest listed to me (in Blue Bell) was Willow Grove.

          1. re: jujuthomas

            My apologies was confusing it with another place.. there is one in exton, newtown square and willow grove. I saw whitehall but thought whitemarsh...

            1. re: cwdonald

              no problem! I was trying to visualize where on germantown they might have put it, other than PM Mall. :)

      2. im pumped about the Wegmans coming to town......but Bonefish? thats like getting exited to go to Red Lobster.

        1. Looks almost ready for business! Anyone know how soon?

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