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Jul 25, 2012 06:59 PM

Blue Plate Mayonnaise in NC?

A recent issue of Cook's Country magazine chose Blue Plate Real Mayonnaise as its top choice. It's supposedly a "powerhouse brand" in the South and Southeast. I've looked for it in a couple of chain supermarkets in the North Carolina Triangle area but have come up short. Anyone know where I can get it around here?

I'm not trying to start any mayonnaise wars here. Frankly, I can't stand the stuff but my wife loves it. She's been a big Hellman's fan all her life but wants to see what the fuss is about the Blue Plate.

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  1. I've seen it in the past but never tried it.

    Their website has a locator. Nothing turned up for Raleigh. Looks like Bi-Lo in Charlotte carries it.
    Perhaps there is something closer!

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    1. re: meatn3

      Thanks for the link. I'll see if there's a way to contact them and ask where to get it.

      Update: Just sent them an email asking if it's available anywhere in the Triangle.

      1. re: d.v

        My Super Walmart has it here in SC. Just checked on line and it looks like Raleigh also does. Call the store to make sure.

        I'm a long time Hellman's fan, but this isn't bad -- bought it by mistake since label looks pretty similar.

    2. I saw it at the store the other day and almost bought some but got Duke's instead. Now I will to try it out. Thanks for the heads up!

      I'm in Asheville and can't help you with a source. So sorry!

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        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          If they'd had the little small jars, I would have bought some. But I didn't want to get stuck with a big jar that I didn't like. So I went with what I knew.

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            Dukes for mater sandwiches and Hellman's for everythang else. At least that's our M.O. at my house.

            I was just reading the History of Blue Plate and interestingly enough commercial mayo was created in none other than Philadelphia PA. Hoagies and mayo - I love my home state. ;-)

        2. I have purchased it at the Compare Foods in Winston-Salem.

          1. I've seen it in Charlotte. JFG is another elusive brand that is good. Duke's is my standard (or homemade if someone is nice enough to make it for me!)

            1. Big Blue Plate fan here from the Gulf Coast. Used it for the first 40 years of my life. Haven't seen it up here although a friend of ours from south of New Orleans used to have Lowe's Foods purchase a case for her every now and then. We stick with Hellman's at our house. Can't take the Duke's, it's too slick and reminds me of salve. Duke's is very popular here and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything and I'm very glad I bought a really small jar.

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              1. re: rouxqueen

                That is a good point about ordering. Harris Teeter is happy to order anything you want as long as they can find it from a distributor.

                1. re: billyjack

                  HT used to order Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna for me and a few other Pennyslvanians after they switched from Dietz & Watson to Boar's Head. They kept the bologna in the back and we had to ask for it on the D/L because they had some contract w/ Boar's Head that stipulated they couldn't sell specialty brands along side the Boar's Head. Now they just won't carry it all anymore. :-(

                  1. re: lynnlato

                    I didn't realize they no longer carried Seltzer's Lebanon Bologna. As a devotee of Sweet Lebanon Bologna I could never figure out why they only carried the Original version. You would think in the south that the sweet version would be the one that was preferred.

                    1. re: brentk

                      Good point, brentk. You would think that the sweet version, in particular, would go over well down here too.

                      I was just up in Lancaster a couple of weeks ago and my in-laws had the sweet Lebanon bologna waiting for us when we arrived (we call it summer sausage). It's weird though, it only tastes good, to me, in the summer. But I loved every bite of it while I was there. Yumm, with some mayo on squishy white bread... oh boy. It's also good when sliced up like ring bologna on a cheese platter. Man, I wish I had some right now. :)