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Jul 25, 2012 06:57 PM

The Last Crumb

Another new bakery is set to open at Main and 15th (beside Burgoo).

In semi-related news, nearly broke my tooth on a cherry pit from a Tartine tart today. Not that it stopped me.

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    1. I somehow missed this post and the two other mentions of The Last Crumb on this board, *smacks forehead.* Now I've heard a rumour that LC has outstanding scones. Anyone tried them or other products at this newish bakery?

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      1. re: grayelf

        I went about a month after it opened. It's a really bright, spacious cafe, nice decor, but have to say I was not impressed by the food. I shared a scone, cookie and a slice of pie with friends. The cheese scone was quite dry and crumbly. The cookie was an oatmeal one and it was dense and hard. The pie (banana chocolate cream) was the best of the items with a decent crust and filling. Didn't think the food was worth the prices they charge. On top of that, the display cases were almost empty. It was still early afternoon and it felt like everything was picked over. Not sure if they're better at keeping things stocked now.

        1. re: watashi

          I stopped in for the first time on Saturday afternoon and it certainly is a nice bright open space but none of the baked goods looked particularly interesting. Nice and busy though.

          They also had a version of Seattle's Dahlia Bakery Peanut Butter cookie (like Beaucoup has) and theirs is even bigger! Wow, rich or what?

          1. re: watashi

            Alas, I had the same experience: empty cases, dry food. I hope it improves b/c the space is nice.

        2. Haven't been, but they're launching an afternoon tea service on Feb 14th.