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Jul 25, 2012 06:55 PM

Lactaid ice cream

Hi. We are lactose intolerant in our house. We normally just eat some brands of Frozen Yogurt (have to be careful, though, after eating Yeh! frozen yogurt, we got really sick as they obvioulsy put whole milk with undigested milk sugar in their frozen yogurt...won;t ever go there again!). I was recently in Vermont and found something called Lactaid ice cream: it's excellent and has the enzyme in it that means we can eat it with no problem.

Anyone ever seen this brand in Montreal? The label says it is manufactured in Minnesota, but most stores here have Lactaid milk, and now we can get Lactaid heavy cream and half and half coffee cream with lactaid, so is there the ice cream anywhere? Thanks.

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  1. There's a lot of good non-dairy ice cream around like Coconut Dreams and some soy products. I'm not sure about Lactaid products though. The largest selection I've seen of Lactaid things is at Rachelle-Bery so it might be worth calling them to ask.

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      Thanks. Lactaid brand ice cream is not non dairy. It is milk based ice cream with Lactoze in it to digest the milk sugar. So it tastes almost like 'real' ice cream so is perfect for our tastes. We will call Rachelle Bery to see if they stock it as we really are looking for lactaid based dairy, not the soy products. Some iced yogurt is fine but some aren;t. Unfortunately, IGA used to have a real good gourmet iced yogurt but now they don't stock it! (it is called Chapman's Yogurt Plus. Anyone seen it around Montreal? We used to get it at IGA Nuns Island but havent seen it in a while).

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        Lactaid Ice cream is actually lactose free and also has lactase.

        Chapman's makes a similar product which also has no added sugar. They use a sugar alcohol. It's available at Loblaws stores.

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          Yes, Lactaid ice cream is what we are looking for as I stated in the first post. But is it available in Montreal?
          I will look for the Chapman's next time I am near Loblaws (since Provigo is owned by Loblaws [and has smaller more humane stores] why doesn;t Provigo stock it?)

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            "Yes, Lactaid ice cream is what we are looking for as I stated in the first post."

            I know that, I was correcting your statement where you said Lactaid ice cream had lactose. Seems you edited your post. Whether you call it lactose or "milk sugar" the product doesn't contain any.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Thanks. Sorry about that. I get confused with the terms lactose and lactase.

              1. re: williej

                you said it yourself...lactase, digests lactose i.e., lactose free.
                -ase=enzyme, -ose=sugar

          2. re: SnackHappy

            We buy the Chapmans lactose free/sugar free one too. My uncle is diabetic so we buy it for him when he comes over and the leftovers are ours to enjoy, gas and upset stomach free. They have been coming out with more and more new flavors. It is a bit expensive for the size you get but it is worth it.

          3. re: williej

            I did realize that, btw, and was suggesting alternatives that are pleasant to eat. I can't tolerate cow products so Lactaid is no use for me. Still no one making sheep or goat milk ice cream that I know about which is what would suit me. They have a lot of Lactaid milk at Rachelle Bery if you want to make your own.

            1. re: Plateaumaman

              Never mind, am wrong. No Lactaid products at Rachelle-Bery or Tau. I was confusing them with the Liberté Bio products that have increased in both shops recently (which contain lactose and lactase, I know!). Supermarkets are a better bet.

        2. If you live near a Sobeys, they have a store brand lactose free ice cream that is quite good.

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            There are no Sobeys in Quebec. Sobeys doesn't use that banner in this province. All their stores are either IGA, Bonichoix, Tradition, etc, but they do carry the Compliments brand.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Interesting. I am not in Quebec, but I checked the Sobes website before posting and the google search showed Montreal stores. I guess they just meant Sobeys owned stores :)

          2. I'm extremely lactose intolerant, but Costo sells lactase enzyme capsules for way cheaper than any of the brands you'll find in the pharmacies.

            I know it doesn't answer your question, but it's a solution that lets me eat everything I wouldn't normally be able to. Bring on the DQ Blizzards!