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Jul 25, 2012 06:40 PM

Ice cream stop in southern vermont I 91 or VT 9 - WRJ to Bennington

In years past, when we drove home from Maine via I 91, we would stop at the Putney General Store for an Ice Cream break, Just a cone of Ben & Jerry's, but the store was fun to look through. Then, in 2009, I heard it burned to the ground. Apparently, it's been rebuilt. Can you still get ice cream there. Anyone have any other suggestions for an interesting place to stop along I -91 and Vt 9, starting in, say White River Junction and ending in Bennington? Suggestions for lunch would also be appreciated, though I think we might pack that to save time and $$.

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  1. The Putney General Store has been rebuilt and is beautiful, but they don't have ice cream by the scoop. They do make great sandwiches and have very good Chinese food as well.

    I like the creamees at Hidden Acres in Dummerston which is south of Putney on RT 5, its from a VT comany (I want to say St Albans, but not sure) and they are very good. The scoop ice cream is Hershey's and fine but nothing you can't get a bunch of other places.

    The Chelse Royal on Western Ave/RT 9 in W Brattleboro has an ice cream window with scoops, creamees, sundaes, etc and is usually pretty popular. I wouldn't eat lunch at the Chelsea Royal though.

    1. Wahoo's in Wilmington (rt 9 between Brattleboro and Bennington) has cones and solid burgers, fries, etc. Pretty good roadside food. Know they have cones but can't remember if they are scoops or soft-serve.

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        I heartily second Wahoos! I used to work in Wilmington, and the thing I miss the most is Wahoo's chicken wrap with grilled mushrooms and pineapple.

        Although it's a bit off of your route, the Walpole Creamery in Walpole NH has a scoop shop that serves their delicious premium ice cream -- You'd get off 91 at exit 6, come down RT 5 to Bellows Falls, over the bridge and south on Rt 12 and it's on your left in the little plaza that has a laundromat and a tire place. You could continue on south on Rt 12, cross back over the river south of the Shaws plaza and get back on 91 at exit 5. I think the quality of the ice cream is worth the detour.

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          Must praise Walpole Creamery! So creamy and they use lots of fine ripe fruit in the fruit flavors.

          Careful: Last year they moved to bigger quarters across the road, but now that shop is merely OK. The real worth-a-detour Walpole Creamery moved back to the little plaza next to the laundromat.

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            Third for Walpole Creamy. If you're going to head in that direction anyway, you should stop for lunch at Popolo in Bellows Falls (

            You could also get off 91 at Exit 3 and eat lunch in Brattleboro. I think there's another Brattleboro specific thread on here that is relatively up-to-date for more details, but here are a few suggestions. There's an ice cream place on the drive into town (Fast Eddie's- they don't make their own, I think they also scoop Hershey's or something like that. It's fine. They do make their own doughnuts though.

            Good lunch options though in other parts of Brattleboro. A minute or two from the ice cream place is Top of the Hill Grill ( which does BBQ and a variety of homemade sides. For good Mexican, you could try Milagros Mexican Kitchen ( Good sandwiches/salads/etc. at Whestone Station Brewery ( in addition to the good food, great beer selection and really pretty setting right on the river.

            If you're going through on a Saturday (before 2pm), you might actually want to go to the Farmer's Market for lunch instead (getting off at Exit 2), where there are really great food stands ranging from wood fired pizza to thai to Indian (http://www.brattleborofarmersmarket.c... and that might be more on your way if you're heading towards Bennington.

            I would disagree with the Wahoo's recommendation- I find the food to be pretty low quality ingredients and certainly nothing special. In the heart of the "local, sustainable" state, it is sort of jarring to get packaged sauces and clearly frozen food that was thrown in a fryer before serving. I'd definitely pass. You can do much better in Bellows Falls or Brattleboro.

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          Love stopping at Wahoo's, sit a picnic table by the brook and enjoy a nice burger!