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Jul 25, 2012 05:22 PM

Dinner service at the bar S.F. Valley

Looking for a good bar to sit at with a steak and a big cab in the S.F. Valley, preferably near the barren wasteland of the north valley, and please don't say Applebee's! Used to enjoy Pinot Bistro on the Blvd 'til it closed...

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  1. Not in the North Valley but Larsen's in Encino may do the trick.

    1. Try Larsen's Steakhouse. There is one in Encino and one out is Simi Valley and see what you think, (good marinated rib eye)

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        I definitely third Larsen's in Encino for dinner at the bar. The bone-in ribeye is excellent. It's one of the best steaks in the city. From the north valley, though, you may be closer to Larsen's Grill in Simi Valley. It is just a few blocks from the 118. There also is a new Larsen's Steakhouse that just opened in Valencia, which also may not be very far from the north valley.

        There are Arnie Morton's in Woodland Hills and Burbank, which are always good places to eat at a bar.

        I don't know how far you would be from La Canada-Flintridge when you say north valley, but you can get a steak at the bar at Taylor's.

      2. Yoiu most certainly can do that at the Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks, or Mistral, also in Sherman Oaks.
        but if you feel that Warner Center is more convenient, I am sure Arnie Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Fleming's or Monte's would all accommodate your need.
        Not north Valley, you say, but you knew when you asked the question that nearby responses would be Mission Impossible.

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          I second Morton's, Ruth's Chris and Flemings,. Ruth's has a nice bar area and they serve the full menu there.

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            I second the Ruth's Chris bar in Woodland Hills. The bartenders are friendly and pour the best martinis. And you won't find a better steak.

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            Then get thee over to the Chuck Wagon boy! ;-D>