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Jul 25, 2012 04:57 PM

Special Occasion Dinner - With Kid

I am looking for a gastronomic adventure, no expenses spared for a 40th anniversary, but we'll have a 6yr old with us. I'm looking for something great, but 9 courses meals are unfortunately out of the question.

We're very adventurous eaters, so no steakhouses unless its out of the ordinary. We'll of course need to be able to make reservations (no Kazu)

I had PDC (early evening) on my list, but I'm sure y'all got some more suggestions for us.

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  1. Joe Beef? Club Chasse et Peche would be my first choice, but not with a 6-year-old... Maybe Maison Boulud in the Ritz? Haven't been there yet, but might also work.

    1. APDC fits the bill well as it can be very adventurous. I guess it might depend also on the patience of the 6 year old? I always find good sushi and seafood to be festive but I'm not sure where I'd go for that. Maybe rijstafel at Nonya would be good and they have a small terrace in the summer. Garde Manger is definitely out as they won't accept kids. Pintxo is fun too and it's easy to find something everyone enjoys as there is a lot of variety, although it might not be a huge adventure.

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      1. re: Plateaumaman

        Thanks, my son is not picky, the challenge is to find great food served in a reasonable amount of time and an atmosphere where either other kids are present or his antics are drowned in the hustle and bustle

        1. re: ScoobySnacks20

          There are often kids as APDC at the early seating. As for another choice besides that, it's the gastronomic adventure part that is stumping me. Maybe something in the country like Les Jardins Sauvages with lots of freshly picked mushrooms? I've never been but it sounds festive, delicious and there's be space for the 6 year old to run around.

          1. re: Plateaumaman

            The "adventure" part is my way of saying that I am open to foods from anywhere, any style and to not "play it safe". (I hate the word ethnic as all food is ethnic. Heck, even "french food" is different in every village).

            Thanks for the recommendation and keep 'em coming!

      2. Tough one, but I would suggest Bice (Italian), Cafe Ferreira (Portuguese), Kaizen (Japanese) or Milos (Greek). These are all occasion-worthy, upscale and should accommodate a kid.

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          cafe ferreira is kind of loud especially in evenings, not sure if due to loud crowds or acoustics
          Milos is really expensive but very good and would be ok for a child. PDC is lively but feels crowded to me and maybe not too fast the service, decor chalet look.. There is also new Portuguese resto in Old Montreal, Restaurant Helena, by wellregarded Montreal chef , I dont think CH have been yet but you can search online for comments

        2. The original comment has been removed