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Jul 25, 2012 04:19 PM

"Chopped" amateur cooks edition..taking applications

I am not creative enough to do it but have always wanted to see a home cooks version!

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    Originally I posted it in this thread: because I didn't want to start a new one, but since you started this one, it's a must read for the discussion of the application. :-)

    1. I love that they are doing a show with amateur cooks. I could never be one of them, though. It would take me the 20 or 30 minutes just to try to decide how to use the basket ingredients.

      1. I'd love to do it but I'd be totally screwed w/ the time constraints. I've been known to turn a 20 minute dish (according to the recipe) into an hour.

        1. Although I would love to see Iron Chef with the secret ingredient be 'TODDLER!!' I would LOVE to see those smartpants chefs try to come up with an edible meal with a two year old clinging to their leg...I have perfected it.

          1. I really want to apply to be on the amateur edition of chopped who do I have to contact and how do I apply