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Jul 25, 2012 04:05 PM

Hakka No, 1 has opened a second location on Keele St @ Lawrence

2355 Keele Street. Unit 15 (besides Tim Hortons)

Good heavens, I popped in due to geographical hunger and I was blow away at the dish sizes for the lunch special. I can eat a huge amout of rice and I still could not finish the special.
Very nice staff and good service.
The price for value is really a rarity.
Lots of fish offerings, NO PORK fyi. (Halal meat offerings)
5.95 and 6.95 including a pop and spring roll.
Check out their website.

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  1. I live in the area and have contemplated going in several times, but have not yet. How is the food quality?

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    1. re: dmartins123

      It has a huge menu and I find everything was freshly prepared.
      It takes some getting used to figuring out which sauce name tastes like what but for what you pay it's worth the gamble :) Certainly it doesn't compare to finer Chinese establishments we prefer to eat at but it certain rivals the standard congee restaurants for the same stifry and deep fried dishes.
      Cheaper than pretty much any food court these days and way better quality. I eat mainly veggie and tofu dishes and all of those were well prepared. My husband indulged in the lemon chicken (all white meat) and loved the crispy puffy batter.
      If you go with a few friends, you can try several dish styles over lunch really cheaply and see which preparation type suits your taste.