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Jul 25, 2012 03:57 PM

Why do my cheese straws blister!

I make many batches of these and they turn out beautiful and blister-free...but
sometimes blistering occurs. I don't know why or how to prevent this from occurring.
Any advice and help would be appreciated. Picture included...Thanks!

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  1. there are many ways to make Cheese Straws. The recipe with method would help in figuring it out what may be happening.

    1. Yes, a recipe would help. In the pic it looks like some errant pieces of cheese got melty/browny.

      1. Is it divine retribution for not going straight to (one box at a time) white cheddar Cheez-its?

        They look yummy. Ease up on yourself and have more bourbon with them. They will start looking great.

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          My husband said the same thing...haha!