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Jul 25, 2012 03:53 PM

What is the Name of the New Place in False Creek Kitty Corner From Terra Breads?

They have red sunbrellas and two patios with killer views.

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    1. re: queueueuq

      Yeah that's it-lovely big patios/unfortunate name.

    2. I'm glad they're upfront about their 20oz pints. OTOH their beer selection is a bit yawn-inducing. Not that they're bad (except the Granville Island stuff, that is), it's just getting a bit boring seeing yet another establishment "going craft" with the same lineup of beers. Even Earls is serving Howe Sound Four Way Fruit Ale nowadays.

      Luckily, Legacy Liquor Store is close by and locals with a bigger sense of adventure can satisfy their craft cravings.

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      1. re: flowbee

        Going craft should never be an issue a new pub is criticized on. The fact that you can walk into a new pub and order a pint of great ale is spectacular. Pubs should be more of a neighborhood joint than a destination, and I for one welcome Tap and Barrel to False Creek. Sure, their servers can seem a little earnest, especially when I might very well have consumed more craft beer in my life than all of their servers combined (I don't think this is a stretch), but this isn't a problem. The more real beer being served, the better. They have 24 taps at the moment, with room to grow. If you are bored by the selection, I am very sorry you can't find a beer to meet your needs for a night of beers. Oddly enough, I was commenting the other night while on their patio that they had chosen some beers not normally found on craft lists. Howe Sound's Baldwin and Cooper Bitter is rarely found on tap lists here...

        1. re: peter.v

          Upon reflection, you are right. It's great that there isn't a macro taking up space on their tap list. It's a huge step forward considering where we were just a few years ago.

          1. re: flowbee

            In related news, Rogue Wetbar almost open on Broadway and Ash, with 30 taps. They're doing a "pay what you think it's worth" thingy:


            1. re: flowbee

              Hmm, that burger looks good, though I'm kind of over the stab-the-burger-with-a-knife maneuvre. Has anyone had it at the Cordova location?

          2. re: peter.v

            It's also the only place I've found around Vancouver that has Philips Chocolate Porter on tap.

            1. re: reiney

              I'm intrigued by the Chocolate stout but tuink it must be be overly sweet and waay too heavy in this heat, no ?

                1. re: vandan

                  Possibly it's too dark & heavy in hot weather - I can drink it anytime, but perhaps that's just me.

                  It's definitely not overly sweet though. I have a strong aversion to fruity sweet beers - one mention of raspberry wheat something or other and my nose crinkles up. Chocolate porter is a different balance entirely.

                  1. re: reiney

                    Is it anything like Guiness at all ?

          3. I just had a good time at Tap and Barrel! I may even stop by after work more often! The view is fantastic. But seriously, do they have enough tvs at this place?!

            Driftwood Farmhand Ale was a fine beer for a breezy afternoon. Their pretzel is more of the bready, fluffy kind of pretzel but at least tasted warm and fresh. The bacon strip appetizer was a ripoff at $7 for THREE strips of bacon. Yeah yeah it's kinda fun when one is coated with peanut butter and coconut, chocolate and pretzel bits, and salted caramel. But for $7 I expected at least enough to share with someone.

            Tap list is great and all but for someone who already buys all those beers to drink at home on a weekly/monthly basis, I was looking for something a little bit extra to pull me into this place.

            One last note, their glasses are HUGE and HEAVY!

            1. Has anyone been recently? We're heading over to Olympic Village Saturday afternoon and were thinking of stopping in for lunch with our kids. Not alot of options in this area and SO is a huge beer guy. How's the food? service? kid-friendliness on a Saturday lunchtime?

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              1. re: islandgirl

                Food's terrible. Really, really terrible - and outlandishly priced ($18 for macaroni & cheese???). After sending that back for tasting like chalk, the cheeseburger I had was OK-ish, but the fries were inedible.

                Having said that the beer list is great and there are a few that aren't common on the lists around town. On a sunny day it's one of the better places to grab a drink, just enter with low expectations about the food. Service is very...Joey's (complete with outfits that would make most people in Vegas blush). I've seen kids around though and I think the outside areas would be just fine for them.