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Jul 25, 2012 03:35 PM

Help me decide between these two pressure cookers please!

Kuhn Rikon 6qt Ecomatic

Fagor Duo 8qt

I will be frequently using it to cook 4 - 5 lb bone-in beef chuck roasts (by themselves) as well as one pot meals like pot roast and stews. This will be my primary cooking vessel and I will almost always be cooking multiple days worth of meals and freezing portions for later use. I do not eat grains or legumes.

I am concerned about being able to fit a bone-in roast into the pressure cooker without having to divide the roast into multiple pieces. I don't know the interior dimensions of the Fagor Duo, but the Kuhn Rikon Ecomatic is 8.66in diameter inside.

I prefer the valve on the Kuhn Rikon, but I'm not sure if the cooker is large enough for my use; this is the only reason I'm looking at the Fagor. I really want the 8qt braiser/family style Kuhn Rikon but simply can't afford a $300 piece of cookware right now.


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  1. I cannot comment on the Fagor, but we do have a rather large Kuhn Rikon and love it. You are correct,, it is expensive. But it works so well. Somewhere on this site, there have been posts where some users raved about the Hawkins pressure cookers from India.

    You might want to look that up, sorry I do not have a link to those earlier posts. The Fagor is very popular and I cannot recall reading anything negative. Good luck!

    1. I want to know too. :) Since I am also undecided about my pressure cooker.

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        I've just searched several old postings and only found a couple of references to the Hawkins. I know I read some glowing remarks but cannot find them now. Plenty of Indian recipes. Some bad comments regarding Kuhn Rikon (I could add my own but it had a happy ending) and lots of good things about Fagor.

        The Hawkins site is interesting and the lid configuration is different. Maybe someone who owns several will chime in.

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          Thanks dcrb. I will look into them. I am not looking for some ultra awesome pressure cooker, just a easy to use, slightly above average pressure cooker.

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            The CookingIssues guys have done some serious experimentation with pressure cookers.

            HipPressureCooking is starting to do equipment reviews.

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              Paulj, you link lead me to this topic. Thank you!



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              Sorry for being late. We started decades ago with a Mirromatic, I think it was a 6 qt, then bought a monster 12 or 16 qt for really large cuts. I'm thinking it was 16. Aside from replacing the gaskets never had a problem until both became fairly pitted. We had fallen victim to the aluminum/Alzheimer's scare and bought a Ultrex pc from HSN and it worked well. When it needed a gasket, the company was gone. We have had a Duromatic now for some time and it works wonderful. I think it was called the Hotel model, whatever that means. Anyway, it is fairly large, 11 or so litres. I am not dismissing the pathology evidence of more aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer's patients than others, but we did make the switch and we are happy with the KR Duromatic. However, looking back, we could have/should have kept the Mirromatic. I am sure that they had many more years of service left and the pitting was relatively harmless as was the leaching of the aluminum, if there was any.

        2. I have the Fagor Elite Set which has a 4 quart and 8 quart pan with one pressure lid. I was surprised to find that the 8 quart is almost always bigger than I need and I use the 4 quart far more often. I suggest looking at the cookers in a store to get a better idea of their size. The diameter of the Fagors is 10".

          1. Can anyone comment on whether a 4 - 5 lb bone-in chuck roast should fit in a 6qt pressure cooker? I haven't been able to find much information about the Ecomatic, it is the value product that Kuhn Rikon makes (Swiss valve but the rest of it is manufactured in India) and sells for about $100

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              I would say it should fit, although it might be tight against the sides. Like anything, some cookware of equal size i.e. 3 quart saucepan, may be different with one being taller and the other wider but less tall. So you might have to compress the roast. Then again, you may not have to. Try to get the diameter of the various cookers off the web and then, trying to be inconspicuous in the meat department, measure the roasts with a small tape. That is about all I can suggest. Hope it helps.

            2. I've had a Fagor U Cook set (now discontinued) for nearly four years and love it. I find I use the 4 qt pot more than the 6 qt pot. I also just got a T-Fal 8 qt PC from Amazon Vine to test and review. Haven't used this Chinese-made pot yet, so I can't comment on it.

              There are only 4 useful reviews for the Indian-made KR on Amazon, and even one of the good ones is mixed. It seems there are quality issues with this pc. One reviewer says, "I've learned how to give the cooker a little shake and twist to get the gasket to seal and thus pressurise the cooker." One other had problems bringing it up to pressure (echoed by a commenter to that review).

              On another site a blogger noted, "Need to press on the pressure indicator for quick release." Not something I would like.

              Given the choice, I would go with the Fagor. Fagor is made in Spain.

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              1. re: al b. darned

                Al, only Fagor's Futuro and Chef lines--the two high-priced ones--are made in Spain. The others are now made in China.

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                  What's the big deal with Spain? My F Elite was made in Spain, so was its predecessor with broken handle welds.

                  1. re: paulj

                    I wasn't making any value judgment, just correcting the record. (Or was your reply intended for al b. darned?)