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Jul 25, 2012 02:48 PM

Best Pasadena take-out?

I'm new to area. Can anyone recommend some great Pasadena take-out? I love the Holly Street Market but don't want to grab dinner there EVERY night. I'm open to all kinds of food. Also, anyone know of any good sushi in Pasadena?

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    1. I'm fairly new to the area as well, but so far I'd recommend:

      Daisy Mint - The panang curry w/Japanese pumpkin is great, as is the pad see ewe. I suspect the whole menu is good, but I haven't tried enough of it yet.

      Mediterranean Cafe - Great wraps, falafel and garlic sauce, but closes at 7:00.

      Zankou Chicken - A local chain, similar to Mediterranean Cafe, but bigger and open later.

      The Luggage Room - Thin-crust, non-traditional pizzas, and pretty delicious salads.

      If you don't mind a short drive down the 210, Zelo Gourmet Pizza in Arcadia is delicious, and travels well.

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        Daisy Mint. In addition to what BearCity suggested, I recommend the Salmon Curry, the Daisy Noodles (amazing curry on those noodles!), and the crab cream cheese wontons. YUM!

      2. Thanks for suggestions Robert and Clyde. I will try out one of them tonight!

        1. Lemonade will have plenty of choices for you to take out!

          1. Thanks BearCity and Crystaw! i have weeks of delicious take-out ahead of me. Going for Daisy Mint tonight.