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Best Pasadena take-out?

I'm new to area. Can anyone recommend some great Pasadena take-out? I love the Holly Street Market but don't want to grab dinner there EVERY night. I'm open to all kinds of food. Also, anyone know of any good sushi in Pasadena?

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    1. I'm fairly new to the area as well, but so far I'd recommend:

      Daisy Mint - The panang curry w/Japanese pumpkin is great, as is the pad see ewe. I suspect the whole menu is good, but I haven't tried enough of it yet.

      Mediterranean Cafe - Great wraps, falafel and garlic sauce, but closes at 7:00.

      Zankou Chicken - A local chain, similar to Mediterranean Cafe, but bigger and open later.

      The Luggage Room - Thin-crust, non-traditional pizzas, and pretty delicious salads.

      If you don't mind a short drive down the 210, Zelo Gourmet Pizza in Arcadia is delicious, and travels well.

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        Daisy Mint. In addition to what BearCity suggested, I recommend the Salmon Curry, the Daisy Noodles (amazing curry on those noodles!), and the crab cream cheese wontons. YUM!

      2. Thanks for suggestions Robert and Clyde. I will try out one of them tonight!

        1. Lemonade will have plenty of choices for you to take out!

          1. Thanks BearCity and Crystaw! i have weeks of delicious take-out ahead of me. Going for Daisy Mint tonight.

            1. Sushi Ichi (as previously mentioned) and Sushi Kimagure are great for sushi.

              Tarantino's for take-out pizza and Italian.

              1. Tender Greens and Real Food Daily are two healthy options that happen to be both delicious!

                1. Try the taco truck in the body shop parking lot on Fair Oaks... on the east side of the street south of Del Mar.

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                        I've lost track, but I think that's an Arturo's truck at that location now, not an El Gallito one. I liked El Gallito, but Arturos, not so much.

                        Would love to hear an update from someone who's been there more recently.

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                        it's good, but i prefer the one a few blocks north in the tire shop parking lot, mainly because they also offer complimentary cilantro, onions, tomato, roasted peppers, even beans on the side.

                      3. That sounds like one really terrific taco truck!

                        1. Porta Via? I used to love to get their salads tossed to order. I haven't tasted their other foods but it seems like a popular take out option. The one i've gone to is on California across from the hospital but seems like they have a new location in San Marino as well.

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                            The sandwiches at Porta Via are good too.

                          2. For Thai: either PresidenTwo or Tiparos Thai. For pizza I really do like Big Mama's & Papa's (I know it's a chain). Also, I really like the pizza from Carmine's (this is just before the 110 on Fair Oaks, so technically South Pas, but they deliver. I always order my pizzas well done - find them better that way. However, if you decide you do want to dine in, try the fantastic Settebello for pizza (Neapolitan style, so does not travel well). All places mentioned above deliver. Happy munching!