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looking for bulk organic virgin coconut oil in toronto or from a website

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where to buy large quantities of organic virgin coconut oil in toronto? I would be willing to ship too. Is there a good website out there?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Just picked up a bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil from http://www.shilohfarmproducts.com/p/w...
    Found them at a rural farmers market in Chatsworth near Owen Sound.
    They are true believers.
    The oil is just starting to solidify. Neat.

    1. When you say large quantities are you talking like 5 gallon containers of the stuff?

      Otherwise, Costco has a fairly large container for a good price... I forget the brand/details but maybe there is a post in the Costo thread on it.

      1. Costco has some and Healthy Planet does as well.

        1. Online, this is a great deal and a VG brand http://www.nationalnutrition.ca/detai...

          ... or you can get the 445ml for about $13 at Foods for Life on Bloor@Runnymede