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Lee or George?

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My husband and I get a rare night out in Toronto to celebrate our anniversary. The question is, do we choose Lee or George? We have never eaten at either.

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  1. George

    1. Please let us know what you think, where ever you go.

      1. George hands down.

        1. No comparison! George, hands down for an anniversary celebration! Get their tasting menu!!

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            George it is! Thanks so much, and will let you know our impressions....

          2. Sorry to come late to the party, but another vote for George. The tasting menus have great balance, they pair wines nicely (and will give you tiny portions if you request it as we did), and the atmosphere is very nice for an anniversary dinner. We've been to Lee once and we underwhelmed. Lee isn't awful, but nothing was impressive.