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Birthday dinner suggestions needed

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Could I please have recommendations for a fancy restaurant in Toronto, Oakville or Mississauga for an adult milestone birthday? Price is no object but we prefer nothing too exotic as the group will include a teen. Ideally we'd like a lot of old school atmosphere and really delicious food. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Splendido, George, Chiado would all fit the bill. I believe all offer private dining as well.

    1. The wine cellar at Barberians.

      1. Scaramouche, Auberge du Pommier or Barberian's.

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          1. I'm stretching you a bit - but Blacktree in Burlington is my choice. It's smaller than most recommendations so far and 'feels' special.
            Nothing against all the others (which are great) but in general they have a more corporate feel to them.

            1. i love via allegro on the queensway by sherway. great atmosphere, unbelievable wine list, very fancy menu with some good all ages options. always impresses me.

              alternately, something not quite as fancy but very nice, rococo's plum tomato is always nice.