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Jul 25, 2012 01:45 PM

Phillys in atlantic highlands

Has anyone been to this tiny hole in the wall? It has been on my list for a while now.

Much like BBQ, pizza and burgers I suppose cheesesteaks are really subjective.

Due to a lack of decent steak sandwiches nearby I actually bought a deli slicer and shave my own ribeyes LOL

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  1. It's been a while, but i Went a few times. Was pretty good. Alittle on the greasy side.. but sometimes that's good with a Cheesesteak.

    Steakzilla's in Woodbridge is Excellent.. I'm not sure how far of a ride that is for you though.

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      Oh.. how do you get paper thin slices? Do you chill it in the freezer for awhile and run it through your slicer with a razor sharp blade? Commercial grade slicer? Every time i try slicing meat super thin, it just all falls apart.

      1. re: coldsolderjoint

        I buy cosco ribeyes and freeze them. They come out great and you can make them just right with your desired ratio of meat, cheese and bread.

        The slicer is not commercial but if I had to do it again I probably would get a commercial one. I use it all the time. I make chicken cheese steaks sometimes too. I slice porkroll, sopressata, zuchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, etc etc.

        I would definitely recommend one! The commercial ones are usually quite large though so that is why I didn't get one for my smaller kitchen.

        coldsolderjoint, thanks for the reply. I will report back when I get there.

    2. Been to phillys twice. For a cheesesteaks aficionado like me here's the low down. Meat quality is excellent bread is the standard soft sub bread . What I liked was it tasted excellent but the half was a little light on the meat and the bread overwhelmed it. The next time I got a whole and it was much better . It was a half pound of excellent flavor top round. I know it's against tradition to get anything over than cheese wiz and fried onions. I prefer provolone California style which is let Tom fried onion and mayo. Don't knock it till you try it. Next time I will order fewer onions ...they loaded it up to the gills to the tipping point and they sliced the roll all the way through so everything flew out of it and made a huge mess. They offer all options to put on it as well as chicken cheese steaks and the roast pork broccoli Rabe with sharp provolone . I think you can get a great sandwich here just heed my warning get the whole cheesesteak tell them easy on the onion and dont slice the bread through. They use Hellmans too . The place is on west avenue right across
      From Burger King. This is housed in one of my favorite dives of all time . Frank and Jeans. Best cheesesteak I ever ate.
      From the burger crap I mean king.

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        Did you get the roast pork yet or just two cheesesteaks?

        Is the wiz decent? I have seen some awful renditions in my day

        1. re: corvette johnny

          Ut oh.. are we discussing Cheese Whiz again on chowhound??! *awaits purists*

            1. re: Mr. Bingley

              ROFL! At Hurricane Harbor on Sunday, we had their version of cheesesteaks. The "cheese" choices were Wiz, and American. That's it. I chose WIz. At least it doesn't have the consistency of plastic and smell like feet.

          1. re: corvette johnny

            Here is my input into "whiz".....The Pour House Shrewsbury and the Sitting Duck (sister locations) have a cheesey spread they put on their bar sandwiches/burgers which is about the most tasty cheese gloop I have ever had. This is about the only place I will have that pasty yellow stuff.

        2. On a side note to this topic I had a cheese steak at the Haskell yesterday at one of the grill booth's set up outside. It was arguably one of the WORST "Philly Cheese Steaks" I have ever had. Nothing more than Steak-Um's and cheese wiz, horrible.

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            Steakums are the WORST. I have no idea how they even stay in business.

          2. I live in Atlantic Highlands and have been looking for a reason to visit Phillys. On Saturday I bought a steak sandwich with provolone, onions and hot peppers to go to eat at home.

            The best way for me to describe the sandwich was that it was very bland. The sub roll was nothing special and the steak had little flavor. They gave me whole cherry peppers on the side that were not at all hot. For $ 9 it was disappointing. I shall never return.

            1. Sort of on the topic.....

              If anyone is in long branch, rockafellers makes a tasty cheesesteak pizza. This thing is heavy! 2 slices and you are done. A large pie weighs several pounds lol

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                Has anyone been recently?

                Last time I had a chicken Murphy "steak" .....pretty good. I still like the Italian roast pork but this thing keeps going up in price. I think it's like 13 bucks now with tax. I want to try their chili cheese fries next time.

                The reason I'm bumping it up is that I finally found a good cheese steak in town. For 9 bucks you get a nice big steak with a decent amount of meat and cheese. The best thing is that it's not dry. Why people making them cant figure out that a dry cheesesteak sucks is beyond me. It's at tre Calore in middletown, rt 35 across from applebees. They have good BBQ there too, believe it or not. I can almost guarantee you will like it. I know a good steak when I find it ; )